Preparing for Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery


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Good Nutrition - The Path to Preparation for Weight Loss Surgery

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They say that our actions cannot be divorced from their consequences and the domino effect in American as well, as other societies in the world, seems to paint a sad and unpleasant picture of that idiom. Overweightness and obesity, although a major problem for a significant amount of people, is a byproduct of the fast-paced social and employment functions of our modern society today. And because work cannot be delayed as millions of dollars worth of profit is lost by delays, the employees are forced to adjust to the company’s schedule. As this has become the norm fast-food chains became its inevitable consequence and food-on-demand slowly turned busy office people into food milling machines. There’s an overwhelming talk about bariatric surgery or gastric sleeve surgery and nutrition for weight loss surgery with the looming problem of obesity in our society. The problem with a busy lifestyle is that you’ll have little time for exercise or leisure – two necessary factors in people’s lives for them to live a healthy, happy and long life. Scientists and other health professionals have been trying to find ways to cure obesity and, unfortunately in some cases, it is a hereditary disease also. They’re currently developing gene therapy experiments to treat genetically obese people; however, there are no shortcuts or magic pill to losing weight. You either go to the gym and burn all of those fats in your body or get bariatric surgery. A bariatric surgery is a procedure where a small part of the stomach is surgically removed in order to force the patient to eat less. Less food intake will result in more calories burned and breakdown of body fats, which in turn will cause the patient to lose weight. Besides learning the facts about gastric bypass surgery you’ll also need to understand the importance of nutrition for weight loss surgery.

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3 Stages of Gastric Bypass Surgery: Preparation, Surgery and Follow Up Unfortunately, some extremely obese people won’t be able to exercise enough to burn all the fats in their bodies for them to get rid of their obesity. For example, those that are over 500 lbs. in weight can’t even get out of their own beds! Therefore, only a weight loss surgery is the only option to remove excess fats from their body or they’ll get health complications and worse, possibly die from it. Preparing for gastric sleeve surgery will mean that you’ll have to go to great lengths to anticipate the difficulties head. Know that it will not only affect you physically but also psychologically and emotionally as well, so you’ll need all the help you can get. Preparation Preparing for a gastric bypass surgery perhaps is the most difficult of all the three things that you will go through here. Anyone who has enjoyed sumptuous meals such as those huge burgers and fries, or lasagna, pizza with delicious toppings, sweet sodas, lobsters, Chinese foods, sushi, etc. will tell you how extremely difficult it is to let go of such an eating habit. Food has almost the same addictive effect as drugs in our brains and instantly shifting from that kind of unhealthy diet to the recommended nutrition for weight loss surgery will have a severe impact on the patient. So you prepare by joining online forums and discussion boards about people who have gone through weight loss surgery to get moral support. Get tips and tricks on how to cope with the surgery and maybe be inspired by their success stories on their journey to getting fit. Learn the things they did, especially before gastric bypass surgery diet and afterward. Prepare yourself mentally and convince yourself that you can do it and that you refuse to be a slave to your impulses and want to become the best that you can be.

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Surgery As for the surgery itself, well, there’s really nothing to it because you’ll be sedated the whole time; however, there can be complications after the surgery like wound infections, so make sure that you’ll follow the doctor’s advice on what to do, what medications to take and what to avoid. A speedy recovery is almost guaranteed if everything goes as planned and as long as you also do your part. The only thing that you need to think about is how much willpower you’ll have to put in in order to follow the strict diet rules with the nutrition for weight loss surgery. You’ll probably cut down approximately 50% - 70% of your previous food intake on a daily basis after the gastric sleeve surgery, so you can just imagine the cravings that come with it and how it will tear you apart. Still, if you have a strong willpower, then you can overcome it and follow through with your new diet plan. Follow Up Months after the weight loss surgery you should have been able to lose more than half of your weight. Sometimes all that accumulated fat in your body has caused your skin to stretch to a considerable length and once all the fats are gone, then the stretched skin will not retract to its original form and you may need a follow-up operation to remove those sagging skin. While there is a considerable risk for the second operation what you really need to worry about here is your insurance coverage. So check your insurance policy even before you go through with the gastric sleeve surgery to make sure whether or not you’re covered with both the gastric bypass as well as the follow-up surgery. Some insurance companies do not cover the follow-up surgery, so you may have to pay out of pocket (OOP). With all things considered, once you’re done with the follow-up surgery, then your new and better body shape will take form and will definitely boost your confidence!

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Conclusion The fact of the matter is that weight loss surgery has had a successful track record on obese people and a lot of the patients who have undergone the treatment have successfully gone back to their ideal body weight. Most of them admitted though that adhering to the nutrition for weight loss surgery was an uphill battle and there were plenty of times that they almost gave up and give in to their food cravings. Thankfully, those support groups and anti-obesity community lend a helping hand to help them follow through the process of losing weight and getting fit. Keep in mind that the weight loss surgery is not the ultimate solution to your obesity and is merely part of the long process of slimming down. So be responsible for your actions and remember that it all comes down to your choices when you want to get into shape.

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Summary: Before undergoing any type of bariatric surgery, it is important that patients follow their doctors' instructions closely and educate themselves on the risks and potential benefits of the procedure.

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