Brent Schillage - What Makes a Successful Entrepreneur


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Brent Schillage - What Makes a Successful Entrepreneur

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Brent Schillage has been a successful member of the business community for much of his career, having laid the groundwork for numerous enterprises for over a decade.

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The owner and founder of notable Florida and Puerto Rico firms, Schillage continues to demonstrate those qualities which so often make up the entrepreneurial spirit, and which drive teams and innovation forward on a continual basis.

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Successful entrepreneurs like Brent Schillage tend to share certain attributes; those which make business, innovation and progress possible. Some of these qualities include: Focus Creativity The Ability to Delegate

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Focus The ability to plan and prepare for the future, and to cultivate business growth, generally results from the strong focus and organization of leadership.

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Creativity Those entrepreneurs who truly stand apart often know not only when innovation is needed, but how to build paths toward new ideas at opportune times.

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The Ability to Delegate The best entrepreneurs understand that people make things go, and that it is often the independence of organizational leaders that lead to the best ideas and most efficiency.

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Summary: Brent Schillage - What Makes a Successful Entrepreneur

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