Oxy2 - Solving the Toughest Environmental Challenges


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Oxy2 is grateful for the support of many individuals and organizations

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Oxy2 Oxy2 was founded to combat this mostly overlooked crisis in the western world. As a research and invention focused company, our mission is to enable people to do more through nanotechnology and design. Contact Us: 215-356-0819

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Oxy2 - Solving the Toughest Environmental Challenges With Zero Energy Emission Air pollution has raised serious concerns for public health as well as environmental system. Conventional air-purifying systems either involve in pumping system with massive energy consumption, or physical capture of air pollutants via bulk materials with low transparency, resulting in secondary pollution. This research sought to devise a Novel Degradable Filter that can both capture and degrade atmospheric pollutants without energy consumption.

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Can a Building Clean the Air? Introducing Passive Net Citybreathe is a non-profit branch of Oxy2 to provide free atmospheric pollution protection for everyone

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Nanofibrous Facial Mask For Particulate Matter Filtration Face masks are widely used to filter airborne pollutants, especially when particulate matter (PM) pollution has become a serious concern to public health. Here, the concept of thermal management is introduced into face masks for the first time to enhance the thermal comfort of the user.

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Summary: Oxy2 conducts fundamental research toward the creation of efficient, sustainable pollutant-protection technology.

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