Answers to Common Questions about Auto Shipping


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Answers to Common Questions about Auto Shipping

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If you are not familiar with how auto transport works, or are looking to get a deeper insight into the same, the following answers to some of the most commonly asked questions should provide adequate information.

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Where will my carrier pick-up my vehicle? The first thing that concerns many is the location their vehicle(s) will be picked from. The answer depends on a number of variables, and the best thing to do is to communicate with your transporter beforehand.

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Among the factors to be considered is the location you want the car picked from. That is, is the place maneuverable for huge trucks? Is it in a residential neighborhood? Most car movers use large trucks and navigating the narrow streets in the residential estates can be tricky.

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The other thing to be considered is the method of transportation you will be using. Is it a private transport where it will only be your car in the truck or a large volume transport for multiple vehicles? Your carrier is more likely to come for your vehicle if it a private transport. It is, however, common to arrange for a pick-up location where it will be convenient for both you and the transporter.

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Will my vehicle be delivered to the terminal or brought to me? The mode of delivery is also another thing to define when signing up for car shipping services.

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Would you like to have the car delivered to your home or at the transporter's terminal? This is also another issue that should be discussed with your transporter of choice.

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It is best to outline your preferences before booking. That way, you will be sure that your carrier can do what you expect them to.

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Will my vehicle be covered during open trailer transport? To ensure that their vehicles are well protected from the various elements during transit, most people choose the option of having their vehicles covered.

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While this is an option that some car movers have, it is not recommended, since your vehicle might be better off without the cover.

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For instance, if the cover becomes loose on transit, it can scratch and damage the vehicles' paint. The best thing to do is to wash and wax your car. This would protect its paint from debris, grit, bugs and road salt.

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What does my carrier's insurance cover? It is critical to ensure that your vehicle in transit is well covered in case of uncertainties during transit. All auto shipping companies are required to have a cover for the vehicles they transport.

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So, before you accept their offer, make sure that you go through what will be covered in case your vehicle gets damaged in transit. If you can, have your insurance agent to assist you with that.

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An effective way of taking a record of the condition of your vehicle at the time of pick up is by taking photos of its exterior and interior – you will need them when filing for insurance compensation. Also, you will want to check the agreement before signing any documents. They should have a clear definition of the party to be liable for different types of damages.

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Do I need to empty my gas tank? Absolutely before you hand over your car for transport, it is vital that you empty the tank. You may want to leave only about a gallon that will get you to a gas station after delivery.

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The reason behind this is about the weight of the car and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations. It is best if the vehicle is as light as possible during transit and the regulations as mentioned earlier prohibit motor carriers from the transportation of hazardous materials (such as gasoline).

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If my vehicle will be transported with other vehicles, will they be prevented from touching? Should the car shipping company transport your car among others, they will use multiple safety measures to ensure that the cars do not touch.

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This will be in addition to the car's emergency brake, and other mechanisms for the various types of transmissions. Professional movers will be keen to ensure that the vehicles do not roll as it is in the regulations of the FMCSA. Remember that you could opt for a private transportation where your car will be transported alone.

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How can I know the cost of transit? The good thing about auto shipping is that you can check the various prices by requesting quotes from multiple companies.

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However, most of the lead generator sites will require you to fill in your personal information before getting any quotes – but we do it differently. We offer instant, exact and anonymous quotes, meaning you will not be asked to provide any personal information. Learn More:

Summary: Many people take auto shipping to be a complicated and overly stressful process, but it is not. Whether you are moving back from school, relocating, bought a new car, or any other reason to have your car shipped, Nexus Auto Transport can ensure convenience and efficiency.

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