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Okay, So I Know This Might Sound Far-Fetched To You, And You’re Probably Pretty Skeptical, But Below I’m Going To Explain Precisely How I, And So Many Of Our Athletes, Have Added Between 9 And 15 Inches To Our Vertical Jumps Not In Months, But Within Days And Weeks. So Even If You’re Short, Un-Athletic, Tried Every Program And Gimmick Before, Never Dunked A Ball In Your Life, Are SUPER Skeptical Or Already Have A Decent-Sized Jump, I’m About To Show You 100% Irrefutable Proof That You Too Can Add Serious Inches To Your Vertical. But First, Let Me Tell You A Quick Story... When I Was Young I Was NOT An Athletic Guy. In Fact, I Used To Get Made Fun Of For Being The Only Guy On The Team Unable To Touch The Backboard. You See, I Played On My Older Brothers Team And I Was The Only Guy On The Team That Couldn’t Dunk

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In Warm-Ups - Despite Being One Of The Tallest (Embarrassing I Know). But With Hard Work And Dedication I Became An NCAA Division 1 Player And Am Now A Professional Basketball Player. And A Huge Part Of This Transformation Was Becoming A More Explosive Player And Being Able To Jump With Guys Taller Than I Am. This Program Is The Solution To Get You Jump Higher Than You Ever Dreamed Possible. Precise Formula You Need To Increase Your Vertical Jump

Summary: --- Basketball Drills, How To Increase Vertical Jump Fast, Vertical Jump Workouts, Vertical Jump Bible. This guy couldn't dunk a donut but now he's a pro baller…So my buddy Adam Folker used to be un-athletic, weak and couldn't even touch the backboard. But now he's dunking like a beast in every game, won a pro contract, travels the world and has a massive fan base. So I asked him the secret to his success and he told me that learning to dunk is what made him the explosive, dynamic player that he is today. And to do that he had to add over 11 inches to his vertical jump with some pretty wild body hacks that he explains on his website: Here's a video where you can see some of the truly crazy dunks his buddy Justin can pull off: Click Here: I didn't even know these were humanly possible.

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