Buying Guide: Fitted Bathrooms Furniture Buying Guide


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Buying Guides: Fitted Bathrooms Furniture Buying Guide By: Utopia Furniture limited

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Fitted Bathroom Furniture Add Mirror Walls Wall Mounted Toilets Glass Tub and Shower Panels Small Sinks and Floating Vanities Add an Accent Wall

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Wall Mounted Bathroom Mirror Be Unique Gather different sizes and styles of mirrors and hang them in a bathroom wall arrangement. Height Adjustable: A wall-hung toilet can be mounted anywhere from 15 – 28 inches from the floor.

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Wall Hung Toilets Save Space: If you have a small bathroom, the wall-hung model is like an answered prayer, instantly creating more floor space. Easy Cleaning: Because the bowl is suspended above the floor, it’s easier to clean the floor.

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Glass Tub and Shower Panels Laminated Shower and Tub Wall Panels These panels are high pressure laminated wall panels. These panels look & feel like large tile pieces – but they are laminated panels.

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Glass Tub and Shower Panels Slick High Gloss Wall Panels These panels are popular for those wanting a sleek contemporary Euro style bathroom. They come in 7 colors.

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Small Sinks and Floating Vanities Floating Vanity Floating bathroom vanities are a viable and increasingly popular addition to modern bathroom interior designs all around the world. Cabinet-Style Vanities These vanities have the most amount of concealed storage space than other vanities.

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Add an Accent Wall Selecting the right wall to accent When you paint an accent wall, you are trying to grab attention. Accent walls can be tricky to select, but if done right, they can add interest and excitement to a space with little additional money.

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Add an Accent Wall Visualise Your Bathroom A Simple Wall Design Idea That Will Change Your Entire Bathroom. Simply click on the image for Visualize your wall color and you will have a choice to select one of our room scenes to your own. Want to learn more? See how to Visualise Your Bathroom with Utopia Furniture Group.

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See why Utopia is the UK’s leading manufacturer of bathroom furniture. Shop the look here:

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Summary: When buying Fitted bathroom cabinets, Sinks, Wall Mounted Toilets, Mirrors and other bathroom vanities they need to fit exactly and cleverly into the bathroom space to look the part. Here find the perfect Bathroom furniture buying guide by Each and every vanity to style and size of your health and bathroom fittings desires to be taken into consideration.

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Buying Guide: Fitted Bathrooms Furniture Buying Guide
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