Refugees during ww2


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MERRA was part of a growing network of refugee camps around the world that were operated in a collaborative effort by national governments, military officials and domestic and international aid organizations. Social welfare groups including the International Migration Service, the Red Cross, the Near East Foundation and the Save the Children Fund all pitched in to help MERRA and, later, the United Nations to run the camps.

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Displaced persons cross a bridge on the River Elbe at Tangermunde, which was blown up by the Germans, to escape the chaos behind German lines caused by the approach of the advancing Russians on May 1, 1945.

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The only survivors of 150 Polish people who walked from Lodz, Poland to Berlin Huddle in blankets, on December 14, 1945. They are waiting by a railway track hoping to be picked up by a British army train.

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Germans who were uprooted during the war are pictured at the Lehrter Strasse Transient Refugee Camp in Berlin on Sept. 26, 1945.

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A displaced persons camp in Germany, March, 1945

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Refugees stand in a group in La Gleize, Belgium on Jan. 2, 1945. They are waiting on a street to be transported from the war-torn town after its recapture by American forces.

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French refugees, returning to their homes in St. Pois, France after the Germans were driven out by the American forces, stop to rest at the side of the road on August 10, 1944.

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A large group of refugees fleeing Paris in anticipation of the German invasion, 1940.

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Belgian refugees carry their belongings with them as they flee from the advancing German army in January 1945.

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A crowd of refugees stood behind barbed wire on May 18, 1945, while waiting to cross the border into the neutral state of Lichstenstein. A thorough check by the customs office had to be performed for each displaced persons.

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Refugees evacuating the Belgian town of Bastogne, 1944. U.S. troops are holding the town against attacks by the enemy.

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A man pulls a refugee's pram, attached by a cord to his bike, up a hill in Roncey, France on August 7, 1944.

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