Forgiveness Revolution:Part 2:Defining Forgiveness


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Take the Next Step

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What is the Next Step? (The Giving Path) Begin to give. Plan what to give for a year Increase percentage of income to give Begin to give a tithe Give beyond the tithe

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Forgiveness Revolution!

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Introduction to the Forgiveness Revolution The church must participate in a conversation that is already taking place outside the church The Bible’s teachings on forgiveness are hard, but as we examine them closely, they make a lot of sense These teachings will also heal us, heal our relationships, and heal the world.

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Why Learn to Forgive? – The Selfish Reasons Better health – BP, cholesterol, immune response, stress Better relationships – with God, with yourself, and with others “You reap what you sow” - What fills your heart and actions is what comes back to you Take power back – “Forgiveness does not change your past, but it enlarges your future”

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What is Involved in This Revolution? Defining what Forgiveness Is and What it is Finding & Experiencing God’s forgiveness Forgiving Yourself Finding the Power to Forgive Others Experiencing the Power of Practicing Grace Forgiving God Working Toward Being Forgiven by Others Inviting Others to Join the Forgiveness Revolution

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Approval of what was done – John 8 (woman) Excuse or justification of what was done Minimization of what was done (Denial of, blindness to, not treating seriously, pretending not to be hurt) Defintions: What Forgiveness is NOT. . . Removal of consequences for what was done Reconciliation (which requires two parties) Restoration of relationship or trust Justice served Healing

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Awareness of what was done It is a choice (with or without feeling) Letting go of the right to punish or otherwise use the offense against the offender A process An act of trust in God’s justice A participation in the merciful and gracious character of God What Forgiveness IS. . .

Summary: January 21, 2018 Pine Island UMC

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