Chapter 4 Fasting


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Celebration of Discipline Discipline of Fasting

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Fasting – the forgotten discipline Fasting was a regular practice in the OT and NT All but forgotten by 19th and first half of 20th Century Renewed and Growing interest in the 21st Century

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Basic Facts Generally fasting is going without food for an established period of time Lots of variations – types of food, juices, absolute fast, etc Different from Hunger Strike – inward/outward, spiritual/social, etc

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Fasting in the Bible Moses, David, Elijah, Esther, Daniel, Anna, Paul, Jesus, others Luther, Calvin, Wesley, Edwards, others From food, but not from water

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Types of Fasts Partial – refrain from certain kinds of food Regular – no food but drinking plenty of water Absolute fast - no food or water (dangerous after 2-3 days) Refraining from other things than food (media, phone, people etc)

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Public and Private Fasts Day of Attonement Jonah/Nineveh, Joel, Jehoshaphat, Ezra, others King of Britain when French threatened to invade in 1756 Wesley called on Preachers to fast 2x/week

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Is Fasting a Commandment? Short Answer is “No” However, Jesus assumed the practice Foster’s assertion is we have “as much, if not more, support for fasting than we do for giving”

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Purposes of Fasting Center on God, not self Physical benefits (ie. . .”Science of Fasting”) More powerful intercessory prayer More intense spiritual focus/direction Reveals the things that control us In order to “feast” on God Keep balance Lose weight?

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The Practice of Fasting Start slow-24 hr, 36 hr, 3-day, 7-10day, 21-day No absolute fasting unless clearly commanded by God Ease into and out of fasts Tell only those who have to know Some people should not fast

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Things to Notice Page 58 – first hand account of weekly fasts First 2-3 days are the hardest-after hunger begins to go away Detoxing can be very unpleasant Dizziness/weakness in first week but usually goes away When hunger pains return, break fast!

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Summary: Celebration of Discipline: Chapter 4: Fasting February 28, 2018 Teacher: Rev. Eric McCrea Pine Island UMC Bokeelia, Florida

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