Divorce Procedure In Pakistan 2018


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How To Get Divorce In Pakistan

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Divorce Procedure In Pakistan – Advocate Nazia Talaq is given by a Muslim male to his wife however to make the Talaq legally valid it is necessary to follow all the legal requirements and to follow the law of Pakistan related to divorce. Among the other divorce lawyers in Lahore Pakistan, Advocate Nazia guides you all procedure of How to get khula in Pakistan. We are expert to deal with Process of khula in Pakistan. Our divorces lawyers in lahore guides you briefly Talaq procedure in Lahore Pakistan. We have top Female Divorce Lawyer In Lahore Pakistan. Dissolutions of Marriage can be done by way of Talaq or Khula. We are providing our services in all over the Pakistan. Come on our website and get our number and addresses and meet with us to dissolve your problems.

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Under-age Marriages The Child Marriage Restraint Act 1929 has made under-age marriages a penal offence. Under the Act the minimum age of marriage for a male is 18 years whereas the minimum age of marriage for a female is 16 years. Despite the fact that under-age marriages are liable to punishment, such unions are not rendered invalid. Consent of Wali According to the Hanafi school, an adult woman may contract her marriage without the consent of a wali. Registration of Marriages The Muslim Family Laws Ordinance (MFLO) 1961 introduced reforms regarding registration of marriages, and in default of such registration, penalties of fine and imprisonment have been prescribed. Nevertheless, Muslim marriages are still legal and valid if they are performed according to the requisites of Islam.

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Summary: The procedure of divorce in pakistan is different as compared to khula. Complete Guide Of divorce procedure in pakistan you can read on our website. The ratio of divorce in pakistan is increase day by day. Advocate nazia one of the famous divorce lawyer in lahore pakistan for divorce procedure in pakistan. Read here complete procedure of divorce in pakistan and contact us on +923244207207 http://www.familycaselawyer.com/divorce-procedure-in-pakistan.php

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