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Steve Scott k9 Welcome

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Steve Scott k9 Steve's clients are very impressed with Steve’s professionalism, his confidence, and knowledge. Steve Scott k9 asked the right questions to determine what you are looking for in a protection dog. Dogs can join in your activities with enthusiasm, incredible obedience, and self-control.

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Scotts k9 Scott k9 is one of the most honest and reliable persons. Steve always strives for excellence when choosing a K-9 partner for his clients. He backs up what he says and will never lie to make a sale. He wants only the best dogs so he can be confident his clients will have a loyal and loving dog for years to come!!

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Scotts Police k9 Steve Scott k9 is very professional, efficient and personable. Steve is a solid, highly knowledgeable trainer in his own right. He is importing the quality of dogs. We utilized Scotts Police K9 as one of our sources for acquiring good quality dogs.

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Contact us Address: Scott’s Police K9 LLC 1901 Long Prairie Rd Suite 220 Box 120 Flower Mound, TX 75022 Phone Number: (919) 939-6003 Website:

Summary: Steve Scott k9 has a passion for his work and his knowledge of the business is top-notch. Scott’s K9’s is easy to work with, direct, and accountable for their actions. He is very knowledgeable of the K-9’s he acquires. Steve would rather sell only one great dog then sell 10 dogs he knows will not work!! He is top-notch in his profession.

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