Radio in the UK


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Radio in the U.K

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Public service radio A public service broadcaster is a radio station that is created with the intent of serving the public, as opposed to commercial interest. It is paid for by a licence fee which is paid for by the public. One example of a public service radio is the BBC.

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BBC National radio BBC National Radio is radio that is broadcast to the entire country. BBC Radio 1 BBC Radio Wales BBC Radio 4 extra BBC Radio 1xtra BBC Radio 5 BBC Radio 5 live BBC Radio 6 music BBC Radio 4 BBC Asian Network

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BBC Regional and Local Radio Regional and local radio is broadcasted to specific regions or local areas. BBC Radio Manchester BBC Radio Kent BBC Radio Leeds BBC Radio Gloucestershire BBC Radio York

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National commercial radio Commercial radio stations make money through advertising. Capital FM Capital Xtra Absolute Radio Classic FM Heat radio Talksport Talksport 2 Talk radio

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Local commercial radio These are radio stations that broadcast to a local area/region, and make money through advertisements and sponsorships. Legacy FM 2BR Lancashire Signal 1 FM Radio 96.5

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Community radio A radio station that broadcasts to a community, and relies on donations/voluntary work to maintain it. ALL FM Angel Radio Awaz FM New style radio Takeover radio Sound Radio Wythenshawe FM

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Investigation of BBC Radio 1 and commercial radio

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BBC Radio 1- Ownership BBC Radio 1 is owned by public service broadcaster, the BBC. Radio 1 isn’t the only station BBC has to its name, as it also owns popular stations such as 1xtra, BBC Radio 4 and many more. As well as owning a lot of radio stations, the BBC also cross over to television. They happen to own multiple television programs, as well as news stations, and also even operates on an online platform through the show catch up site BBC iPlayer.

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BBC Radio 1- Presenters The presenters of BBC Radio 1 rotate depending on the time of day or week. There are many presenters that help run the station, each having their own time for their individual shows. Some presenters that are on the station currently are: Adele Roberts Nick Grimshaw Ciara Amfo Scott Mills Greg James Dev Matt Edmondson Alice Levine Danny Howard Cel Spellman Annie Howard Phil Taggart Huw Stephens

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BBC Radio 1- Types of programme Newsbeat Radio 1 live lounge Rage against the answer machine 10 minute takeover Musical discovery and recommendations Late night shows Early morning wake up shows Request shows

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BBC Radio 1- Genres of music Classic Pop & Rock. Classical. Country. Dance & Electronica. Desi. Easy Listening. Folk. Hip Hop, RnB & Dancehall.

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BBC Radio 1- Target audience According to their website, Radio 1 is targeted at young listeners, from 15 to 29 years old, although it should also provide content for some younger listeners.

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BBC Radio 1- Market share BBC Radio pull in 9,586,000 listeners, who listen to the show for around 6.7 hours.

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Radio X- Ownership Radio X is owned by Global Radio, who also happen to own other big radio stations such as Capital FM, Heat FM, and Classic FM.

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Radio X- Presenters There are a number of presenters on the station, including: Chris Moyles Johnny Vaughan Jack Saunders Dan O’Connell Gordon Smart Toby Tarrant Russell Brand John Kennedy Liliana Bird Issy Panayis

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Radio X- Types of programme Evening show X-Posure The Chris Moyle's show Russell Brand’s show Comedy based shows Sunday social (trending topics on social media)

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Radio X- Genres of music Radio X primarily focuses on alternative music, more specifically, indie music.

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Radio X- Target audience Radio X’s target audience is people who are music enthusiasts. This can reflect in their lifestyle, as they will attend concerts, and also embrace other things such as cinema, video, and gaming. They would also likely keep up with all the latest music news, and also purchase CD’s, digital downloads, t-shirts, and other music based merchandise.

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Radio X- Market share On average, around 1,300,000 people tune in to Radio X on a weekly basis.

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Production process Playlist Presenter Producer Topic Editor Running Order Search Engine Newspaper Social Media (Twitter)

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Exploring the BBC radio 1 Scott Mills show

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DJ/Presenters/Crew The Scott Mills show is presented and hosted by DJ Scott Mills. It also features contributions from others such as Chris Stark and Mark Chapman.

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What makes a good radio show? There are many things that can make a radio show good, and these include: Interaction Banter Topical debate Friendly tone of voice News & Weather Special guests Jingles Use of social media Personal stories Direct mode of address Knowledge about music

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Radio show theme ideas News Sport Television Social media Music Celebrity news Riverdale Stranger things Gospel pop Festivals Scott Mills Celebrity news Films Music

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