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Radio in the UK. BY ZAK CAMERON.

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Public Service Broadcaster A public service broadcaster is a broadcaster that includes radio, television and other electronic media outlets. Their main goal is to promote Public Service, as the UK Public pay a license fee for it as they need to know what is going on in the world and issues that may affect them.

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BBC National Radio BBC Radio is a national radio service that you can access in the United Kingdom with a variety of different stations programmed for different types of music and news coverage. For example, BBC Radio One is a National Radio programme, the more popular station out of the other national radio programmes.

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BBC Local radio BBC Local radio is a radio service that is specifically based in your local area, giving you updates on news in your area and also in surrounding areas and being a more interactive service as a whole. BBC Radio Northampton – 104.2 FM, 103.6 FM. BBC Three Counties Radio – 95.5 FM, 103.8 FM, 104.5 FM. BBC Radio Cambridgeshire – 95.7 FM, 96.0 FM. BBC Radio Norfolk – 95.1 FM, 95.6 FM, 104.4 FM. BBC Radio Suffolk – 95.5 FM, 95.9 FM, 103.9 FM, 104.6 FM. BBC Essex – 95.3 FM, 103.5 FM.

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BBC Regional radio BBC Regional radio is a radio programme specifically broadcast in large areas in the UK and its surrounding areas. Scotland BBC Radio Scotland BBC Radio Nan Gàidheal BBC Radio Shetland BBC Radio Orkney Wales BBC Radio Wales BBC Radio Cymru Northern Ireland BBC Radio Ulster BBC Radio Foyle

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National Commercial Radio National Commercial Radio services are funded by advertisements but are available anywhere in the UK. For example, stations like TalkSport and Classic FM are National Commercial Radio programmes.

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Local Commercial Radio A Local Commercial Radio station is a radio programme funded by advertisements that is only accessible in your local area, examples of this include Wire FM.

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Community Radio Community Radio stations are ran and funded mostly by the local community, examples of these stations can include Radio Warrington and Radio Halton.

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Investigation of BBC Radio One

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Ownership Radio One is owned by the BBC, home to the first ever British radio broadcast back in 1922. The BBC also own various other broadcasting programmes such as Television and Film companies. Such Radio programmes they own are Radio One, Radio 5 Live, Radio Two and Radio 3.

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Presenters Presenters of the show include Nick Grimshaw, who hosts the morning slot, Scott Mills, Clara Amfo, Huw Stephens, Annie Mac and Greg James. Nick Grimshaw Scott Mills Huw Stephens Clara Amfo

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Types of Programme. The types of Programme they run are fairly similar, there is a segment of Scott Mills’ show where they play a game called ‘Innuendo Bingo’ in which they get celebrities to come onto the show and react to forms of Innuendo in the news. They also do the UK Top 40 charts every Sunday, and they also do something called The Live Lounge, which is where they get artists either up and coming or already established to do a live cover of a song which they then broadcast to the viewers at home. On Nick Grimshaw’s show in the morning, they are known to invite movie stars or relevant celebs onto the show for an interview to promote whatever it is they are doing press for and in the process, give morning listeners something worth waking up for. The target audience for Radio One is for 15-29 year olds, in which the BBC state “The remit of Radio 1 is to entertain and engage a broad range of young listeners with a distinctive mix of contemporary music and speech.” Target Audience.

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Genres of Music. They can play a wide range of music, but mostly they would play everything that is in the charts currently, their recent playlist has consisted of Justin Bieber, DJ Khaled, Taylor Swift, Harry Styles and Wolf Alice. Although they do a segment called Ten Minute Takeover where the audience at home have a choice between two songs for the station to play next, these songs are generally older songs, but only a few years old and not overly aged songs. Rap Pop Pop Rock Pop

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Product Processes for BBC Radio One Presenter/DJ Playlist News/Newspapers/Search Engine/Social Media Production Set Editor/Sub Editor Running Order

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Marketing Share Population: 54,466 Reach: 9,586 Reach percent: 18 Average hours per head:1.2 Total Hours:64,345 Average hours per listener: 6.7 Listening share in TSA’s: 6.2

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Investigation of Radio X

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Ownership Radio X is owned by a company called Global, who own a number of radio stations in and around the UK including Capital FM, Classic FM and Smooth Radio.

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Presenters Presenters of Radio X include Chris Moyles, fresh from his fame as being the face of the BBC Radio One breakfast show, Johnny Vaughan, Russell Brand and Gordon Smart.

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Types of Programme On Radio X, they have a breakfast show, a sports section called The Kick about with Gordon Smart, but apart from those two they do not have specific programmes unlike BBC Radio One, they have a more streamlined, relaxed schedule where they rely on humouring the public and entertaining them with songs like a Radio station should do. Radio X is targeted at men and women who are 25-44 year olds, but mostly aimed at males. Target Audience:

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Genres of Music With Radio X, they are focused on alternative music, mostly indie rock, but they like to mix it up with current songs in the charts. The recent playlist consisted of Guns n’ Roses, Foo Fighters, Liam Gallagher and Queen. Rock RockR Metal Indie

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Product Processes for Radio X Presenter/DJ Playlist News/Newspapers/Search Engine/Social Media Production Set Editor/Sub Editor Running Order Advertisement

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Exploring BBC Radio One: The Scott Mills show.

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DJ/Presenters/Crew. Scott Mills- Mills began his journey into the industry at just age 16 as a DJ on his local Hampshire commercial radio station, Power FM, after barraging the station with demo tapes. Mills was given an opportunity to present a week's worth of shows, and based on the success of this, he was immediately offered the 'graveyard slot' of 1:00 a.m. – 6:00 a.m. (six nights a week),making him the youngest permanent presenter on the mainstream commercial radio. Mills' popularity led to a quick move to the coveted late afternoon 'drive time. From there, he joined Radio One in 1998, and took over the afternoon slot in 2012.

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DJ/Presenters/Crew. Chris Stark- Stark started working at Radio Northwick Park, a hospital radio station, at the age of 16 and gained experience working at stations including Galaxy, Real Radio, Virgin Radio and BBC 6 Music. At 18, Stark started at the University of Southampton where he studied politics and was given his own show on the student radio station ‘Surge’. Other noticeable contributors to the show include Clara Amfo, Greg James, Charlie Sloth and Alice Levine, who come into play a game called Real or No Real, a prominent segment in the show.

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Content of the show. The overall content of the show is mostly music related, as with every three hour show there are normally between 40-45 songs aired during the broadcast. There are also moments where Scott and Chris get guests on the show to speak for a short while about something they are there to promote, whilst also interacting with fans live and playing mini-games to entertain the audience. There are some points where Scott and Chris will talk about their weekend and reflect on things together, whilst also bantering with each other. Overall, it mostly focuses on the music, but there is always a good chunk of banter and the show is very interactive to listeners at home.

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Style of presentation The style of presentation is informal, as the Scott Mills show includes plenty of conversation, interactivity with the audience, banter and also includes news updates every half an hour. This includes topical debates, news in surrounding areas and the latest in showbiz, whilst all conducted in a jolly, fun entertaining manner while keeping it professional.

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What makes a good radio show? A talkative, interactive host. Topical debates. News. Weather. Good banter. Popular music. Special guests. Knowledge of music. Personal stories. Direct address.

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Brainstorming our ideas. Film TV programmes. Music taste. Chosen topic- Rap England v America Stormzy Kendrick Lamar Vince Staples Run the Jewels Skepta Nick Crompton JME Kanye West Jay Z Frank Ocean Plan B MF Doom Childish Gambino Hoodie Allen Eminem Tupac Migos