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Public Service Broadcaster (BBC) The BBC is funded by the Television licence that all UK tax payers must pay. This means that there is no advertisements on BBC television or Radio. Other TV companies such as ITV use advertisements to fund their company. To watch or listen to BBC a TV licence is required. 2 To watch or listen to BBC a TV licence is required. TV licenses are normally £23.50 a month, however you can pay your license in one payment which will cost £147

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BBC National Radio BBC Radio One BBC Radio Two BBC Radio Five Live BBC World Service BBC Radio 6 Music BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Ext BBC Radio 4 Extra BBC is funded by tax payers and TV licences, this means that there will be no adverts on BBC. 3

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BBC Regional 4 Regional Radio is a radio station which doesn’t serve the whole country but serves more than one city or town BBC Radio Scotland BBC Radio nan Gàidheal BBC Radio Shetland BBC Radio Orkney BBC Radio Wales BBC Radio Cymru BBC Radio Ulster BBC Radio Foyle

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Local Radio 5 BBC Radio Berkshire BBC Radio Bristol BBC Radio Cambridgeshire BBC Radio Cornwall BBC Coventry & Warwickshire BBC Radio Cumbria BBC Radio Derby BBC Radio Devon BBC Essex BBC Radio Gloucestershire BBC Radio Guernsey BBC Hereford & Worcester BBC Radio Humberside BBC Radio Jersey BBC Radio Kent BBC Radio Lancashire BBC Radio Leeds BBC Radio Leicester BBC Radio Lincolnshire BBC Radio London BBC Radio Manchester BBC Radio Merseyside BBC Newcastle BBC Radio Norfolk BBC Radio Northampton BBC Radio Nottingham BBC Radio Oxford BBC Radio Sheffield BBC Radio Shropshire BBC Radio Solent BBC Somerset BBC Radio Stoke BBC Radio Suffolk BBC Surrey BBC Sussex BBC Tees BBC Three Counties Radio BBC Wiltshire BBC WM 95.6 BBC Radio York

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National Commercial Radio Smooth Classic FM Kiss Heat Radio Heart talkSPORT Wales Real Radio 6

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Local Commercial Radio Capital – Birmingham, London, Manchester, North East, East Midlands, South Coast, Yorkshire and Liverpool Absolute Radio London The Bay – Lancaster The Beach – North Suffolk BOB FM – Hertfordshire Radio City – Merseyside Gold – UK Gem 106 – East Midlands 7 Local commercial radio is local radio that has adverts and is funded by sponsorships and advertisements.

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Community Radio ALL FM Angel Radio Awaz Fm Bradford Community Broadcasting Cross Rhythms City Radio Desi Radio Faza FM Forest Of Dean Radio Halton Community Radio Radio Warrington 8

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BBC Radio One 9

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BBC Radio 1 - Ownership BBC is the parent company of Radio One, Its air date was on 30th September 1967 with the slogan ‘Where it begins’. BBC own sister companies such as BBC films, BBC radio 1 extra. They also own digital channels such as BBC3 and BBC 4 which are designed to appeal to a difference audience. BBC is a public service broadcaster, meaning that you need a TV license to watch or listen on BBC. TV licenses are normally £23.50 a month, however you can pay your license in one payment which will cost £147 10

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BBC Radio 1 - Presenters Niki Albon Danny Baker Sara Cox Gary Davies Noel Edmonds Alan Freeman Nick Grimshaw Daniel Howell David Jacobs Phil Lester Annie Mac Trevor Nelson John Peel Mike Read Richard Skinner Dave Lee Travis Tommy Vance Tim Westwood Reggie Yates 11

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BBC Radio 1 – Types Of Programmes 12 The Breakfast Show – Scott Mills Live Lounge – Different artist come into the live lounge and performs different songs which will be later played on the radio Newsbeat – News shows throughout the day to update listeners on what's going on in the world BBC Radio ones dance anthems – This show plays different dance songs which are popular at the moment Radio ones most played – This is usually on a Friday and plays the weeks biggest tracks

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BBC Radio 1 – Genres Of Music Classic Pop & Rock Classic Dance & Electronica Easy Listening, soundtracks & musicals Pop & chart Rock & indie Hip hop, RnB & Dancehall World Country Desi Folk Jazz & Blue Soul & Reggae Schedule for 20/09/2017 Nick Grimshaw (6:33-10:00) Ciara Amfo (10:00-12:45) Newsbeat (12:45-13:00) Scott Mills (13:00-16:00) Greg James (16:00-17:45) Newsbeat (17:45-18:00) Greg James (18:00-19:00) Annie Mac (19:00-21:00) The surgrey with Katie and Dr Radha (21:00-22:02) Huw Stephens (22:02-1:00) Benji B (1:00-4:00) Adele Roberts (4:00-6:33) 13

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BBC Radio 1 – Target Audience BBC Radio one is there to entertain and engage a range of young listeners with music and speech. Its target audience is 15-29 year olds and its should provide some programing for young teenagers. 14

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BBC Radio 1 – Production Processes Presenter or DJ Music (Playlist) Daily Newspapers, internet (search engine) – to source news for that day Producer Topical Issues – fill gaps between songs Editor Running Order Social Media – communicate with the audience 15

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BBC Radio 1 – Market Share Hours per listener 6.7hours per week Total hours listened 64,345,000hours per week Market share 6.2% Survey period March 2017 to June 2017 Total population covered 54,466,000adults (15+) Total listeners per week 9,586,000 (18.0%)adults (15+) 16

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Radio X 17

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Radio X - Ownership Radio X is a commercial radio station that airs alternative and indie rock music. It is owned by Global Radio and was launched on the 21st of September 2015. It first original air date was on 1st September 1997. Radio X is a rebrand of FM, FM London and FM Manchester. Radio X is funded by sponsorships and advertisements meaning that it will have adverts while listening. 18

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Radio X – Presenters Chris Moyles Johnny Vaughan Jack Saunders Dan O’Connell Gordon Smart Russell Brand John Kennedy Toby Tarrant. 19

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Radio X – Types Of Programmes X-posture with John Kennedy – The presenters bring new music together and play ‘essential tracks’ for the listeners. (Source) Communion presents – Maz Tappuni hosts a very special get together Gordon Smart – Interviews and live sessions Dan Gasser - best new music and classic tunes Russell Brand – Live radio show about ‘joy, unity and togetherness’ 20

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Radio X – Genres Of Music The genres of music of Radio X is alternative and Indie Rock. Its normally music you wouldn’t be used to hearing on national radio shows. You also wouldn't be hearing anything from the chart being played on Radio X. 21 Genres Alternative rock Pop rock Indie rock Pop music Art rock Dance-rock

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Radio X – Target Audience The target audience is 25-44 year olds. Radio X is more focused on males rather than females. However, anyone who enjoys alternative music would be interested in Radio X. 22

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Radio X – Production Processes Presenter or DJ Music (Playlist) Daily Newspapers, internet (search engine) – to source news for that day Producer Topical Issues – fill gaps between songs Editor Running Order Social Media – communicate with the audience Advertisements or sponsorships 23

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Radio X – Market Share Hours per listener 7.2hours per week Total hours listened 9,967,000hours per week Market share 1.0% Survey period January 2017 to June 2017 Total population covered 54,466,000adults (15+) Total listeners per week 1,391,000 (3.0%)adults (15+) 24

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Exploring A Radio 1 Show 25

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Scott Mills Scott Mills is a 43 year old Radio 1 presenter. He joined Radio 1 in 1998 and has been a presenter since. He used to do a radio show from 4am-7am, when he first joined, but in 2004 he shifted to a afternoon show. This show is known as ‘The Chris Mills Show’. His current show features from 1pm-4pm on Radio 1. On the show which was aired on the 25th September 2017 he was co-presenting with Chris Stark. This particular show is chatty and lively. They have a main segment ‘Slang With Anne-Marie’ but they also have other segments such as live lounges and games. They also give listeners a range of music to listen to and enjoy. The Chris Mills show is produced by Mark Lockett and Tom Whiter. Their recording studio is located in Studio 82A, Broadcasting House, London. The actual show used to be 165 minutes long from 2004-2012, but from 2012-present it has been 180 minutes long. 26

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The Scott Mills Show– 25th September 2017 On this particular show there are lots of segments which the presenters make entertaining for listeners. The main segment is called ‘Slang With Anne-Marie’ but there are other segments such as the ‘Live Lounge, ‘Alright Grandad’ and simply just the presenters chatting in between songs and segments. They play songs with lots of different genres that are suitable for the needs of everyone. 27

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Target Audience The target audience for Radio 1 is 15-29 years old. However because of the time frame of the show, 1pm-4pm, people who could be listening would be people who are in work e.g. offices or cars. This turns the target audience of the show to 17+ as any younger would be in school. 28

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Style Of Presentation Chris and Scott have a very chatty style of presentation, they chat in between songs and segments to keep listeners entertained. The presenters have to keep a live and upbeat tone so listeners stay entertained and want to carry on listening. Throughout their shows that make sue to include personal stories and audience interaction to make the listeners more engaged on what's happening. 29

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Content In Scott Mills Radio show which was aired on the 29th Of September, it had different segments such as the Live Lounge. The Live Lounge is played on every other radio show and shows artists covering some of the biggest songs. The main segment of the show is ‘Slang with Anne-Marie’. During this segment Anne-Marie came on the show and talked about the slang she uses in her life. The two presenters also talked about what slang they use and they used audience interaction to get their views on slang. 30

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Running order of The Scott Mills Show on the 25th September 2017 31

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What makes a good radio show Popular music Topical debate News Weather Special Guests Jingles Use of Social Media 36 Presenters Interaction with viewers Lively Tone Friendly Tone Personal Stories Direct Mode Of Address Knowledge About Music

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Ideas for our radio show. Themes Christmas (Holidays) 90’s and 80’s New up coming bands Food Weird Habits Movies and TV Shows What happening recently (News) New trends Festivals Halloween Pop Music Jazz Music Donald Trump (Politics) 37 Gospel Pop Musicals X factor contestants I’m A Celeb contestants Celebrity Relationships Conspiracies (theories) Evaluation Of Music Indie Music Halloween Birthdays TV shows Films/movies My Top 3 Themes Conspiracies New trends Christmas Final Theme Christmas New trends Old trends News Celebrities Rap Comedians Gigs Concerts Computers Technology New Technology Old technology Video games