7 Smart Ways to Childproof Your Home


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7 Smart Ways to Childproof Your Home

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One way to keep your kids risk for harm at a minimum, especially when they begin to walk and crawl, is to baby proof, or childproof your home.

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Childproofing your home is not always a clear-cut way to avoid harm, but it definitely helps.

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There are more effective ways to ensure your child’s safety through childproofing that many parents may not ever imagine.

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Collaboration with other parents and institutions is always important before you begin the task of putting all kinds of childproofing gadgets around your house.

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Because you may be wasting your time in the wrong areas of concern.

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Here are seven smart ways to childproof your home; some are more typical, and others you may not have considered until now. Here are seven smart ways to childproof your home; some are more typical, and others you may not have considered until now. 1.Place nonslip bathmats throughout the bathtub 2.Install locks on all cabinets and toilets Declutter baby’s crib 3.Cover outlets 4.Invest in baby monitors 5.Buy stove knob covers 6.Keep fire extinguisher in kitchen

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Place nonslip bathmats throughout bathtub

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One safeguard that parents often overlook is the bathtub.

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Slips in the tub and shower can cause serious injury to your child.

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By placing nonslip bathmats throughout the bathtub and in the surrounding areas, you can eliminate the risk of slipping.

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Install locks on all cabinets and toilets

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Another safety precaution is installing locks on all cabinets and toilets in the home.

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The potential for your child to slam their fingers in a cupboard or in the toilet are great.

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Especially because they only want to explore and get into stuff around the house.

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You can take it one step further and install a non-slamming toilet seat with hydraulics.

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Hence it does not abruptly close, but rather slowly falls back down into place.

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Declutter baby’s crib

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Thirdly, make sure you take any excessive materials out of the baby’s crib.

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Contrary to popular belief, crib bumpers, blankets, and plush toys are more of a hazard.

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These are usually unnecessary to help a child sleep any safer or happier than without them.

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Your child can sleep perfectly fine in an empty crib, void of any choking or suffocating dangers.

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Cover outlets

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Fourthly, outlet covers are a must.

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Covering outlets can prevent serious injury to your child and avoid electrocution.

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Common outlet covers can also pose a serious choking hazard to your child.

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Investing in sliding outlet covers can eliminate the potential for choking on the smaller, individual outlet covers that so many of us have purchased in the past.

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Invest in baby monitors

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Fifthly, baby monitors are must.

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Leaving your young child completely unattended is never advised—even if you think they’re in their crib and not going anywhere.

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Particularly depending on your lifestyle, baby monitors have become increasingly important in today’s society where so many things can distract us from vigilance.

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Buy stove knob covers

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Sixth, the stove is a hazard that many parents don’t think about.

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When your child reaches a certain height, and despite your best efforts, they still may view the stove knobs as something right at eye level that’s fun to play with.

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Investing in stove knob covers is a smart preventive measure to take, particularly with something so potentially harmful.

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Keep fire extinguisher in kitchen

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Seventh, still regarding the stove, you should always keep an up-to-date fire extinguisher in your kitchen, and in various points of the house.

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Remember, your child wants to get into anything and everything, and you are their only source of protection in this world.

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Make sure you do your due diligence and keep them from getting into something that could really hurt them.

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Summary: Today, a child's safety is a matter of concern not only outside but also inside your very own home. With the implementation of modular and technologically advanced techniques for home decor, there is also increase in risk of your child getting hurt. And to counter such risks, there are plenty of options like cover outlets, baby monitors, etc., which can be easily adopted at homes to secure your child's safety. In order to get a detailed view on some of the smart ways to childproof your home, you must see the following slide.

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