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2: How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?

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The documentary I created is the main bit of work I’ve done and the ancillary tasks add to the documentary, as their both linked in with each other and help the other one look better and I hope by doing my poster this attracts the target audience I want to have watching. The poster is their to inform the public about my upcoming documentary and should tell them where they can see it(channel) and when they can see it(time and date). I took inspiration from the educating series and in their posters they have a picture of the school with some of the teachers and students so it informs the general public what this documentary is about, this will also give my audience a insight into what to look out for and understand who is who within the school. I made sure the title is bright and bold so stands out because the name is important as you want the audience to remember the name, so when it is airing they will tune in for it. Also my double page spread is another key element because this provides the audience with more knowledge about what the documentary on sixth form will include. This will help provide the audience with a knowledge of the school, how it is run , the staff who work their and the students who attend the sixth form and what they are like. I have included a interview with the head of sixth form as he knows who is the best students and also the worst students and their behaviour and also knows whether they want to attend university or go and get an apprenticeship which is important I feel. Also I have included pictures of staff and pupils which shows off who the characters are and gives audience a feel for what they are like