Guam History 3rd Quarter Test 2 Guide


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3rd Quarter Test #2 Study Guide History of Guam

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I.Multiple Choice (15 questions) Chapter 13: Arts, Skills, and Education. When was the best time to thatch a roof? Which of the following was NOT one of the four forms of counting used by ancient Chamorros? How did ancient Chamorros measure the year? What would happen if debates got heated The word “suruhanu” comes from a Spanish word meaning:

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HOM Chapter 5: First Western Contact Which of the following was NOT one of Magellan’s ships? What does Isla de las Velas Latinas mean? The Chamorros played pranks on the Spanish by doing what? When priests wanted to stay on Guam, what did they do? Who founded the first Spanish Colony on Guam? I.Multiple Choice (15 questions)

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HOM Chapter 6: Colonization and Conquest Who was the first adult Chamorro baptized by Sanvitores? When Choco felt threatened by the priests, what did he do? What was the name of the first Spanish priest killed on Saipan? What did Hirao and Matapang do with Sanvitores’s body? By the time the Chamorro from Gani, Tinian, and Saipan came to Guam, how many Chamorro had died? I.Multiple Choice (15 questions)

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II.Vocabulary (15 questions) Mari: the skill of debating, held in high esteem by the ancient Chamorros. Guafak: mats made from woven pandanus leaves. Petroglyphs: writings and drawings made on stone. Atupat: a basket woven from a strand of coconut leaf and used to cook rice. Suruhanas: older men and women who practice traditional medicine.

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Galleon: a merchant ship, especially ones used by Spain in trade across oceans. Strait: a narrow channel of the sea joining two larger bodies of water. Mutiny: a conspiracy among members of a group of similarly situated individuals to openly oppose, change, or overthrow a leader or authority. Subjugation: being under the control of something else; conquered. Circumnavigation: the act of traveling around the Earth. II.Vocabulary (15 questions)

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Mestizo: a person of mixed parentage in the Marians, the offspring of a Spaniard and a native of the Marianas. Pacifist: a person who believes in peace. Castaway: a shipwrecked person. Siege: to surround and capture a fortified place. Bastion: a fortified place. II.Vocabulary (15 questions)

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III. Short Essay (2 Questions) How did the Galleon (and contact with the Spanish) affect the island of Guam? What caused the Chamorros to view the Spanish unfavorably (i.e. why did the Chamorros start rebelling?)

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IV. Extra Credit (4 Questions) Fact of the Day Conquistadors Dutchmen (Oliver van Noort) Freebie