Useful Steps To Run HBO GO App On Samsung TV Again


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Useful Steps To Run HBO GO App On Samsung TV Again Toll free (877-649-6892)

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Summary It is definitely saddening to see a streaming app not working on the TV. But, this problem doesn’t seem to be a complicated one, so there is no need to worry. You must be thinking as to which app and TV I’m referring to, so let me just spill the beans. By app I mean HBO GO app and by TV I mean the Samsung TV.

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HBO GO App HBO GO is an app that has all the content that HBO has ever broadcast. Moreover, all the upcoming content on HBO is going to be available on HBO GO app. To use this app, all you have to do is, download and install the app. If you have already downloaded and installed the app on your Samsung TV, but are facing problem in accessing the app at times, then there are a few checks that you need to do in order to identify the cause of this problem. Identifying the cause will help you fix the problem easily.

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Steps to run HBO GO App on Samsung TV Test your internet connection Restart the application Update your Samsung TV Restart all the devices that are responsible for non-functioning of HBO GO app Remove HBO GO and install it again Try a Wired Connection

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Test your internet connection : HBO GO app is only going to stream content if it is getting an optimum internet speed. So, what’s an optimum speed, you would like to know, right? Well, it’s 3 MBPS, so if you are getting this much speed or higher, then the streaming would be seamless and uninterrupted. If the videos buffer a lot in between the content, then there could be an issue with the internet, so get your internet connection checked by your internet service provider.

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Restart the application On most occasions, the issue related to a hbo streaming service can be fixed by restarting the app, so you too can try the same.

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Update your Samsung TV If you know how to update your Samsung TV, then that’s great, but if not, then follow below-mentioned steps: 1. Turn on the TV and then press ‘Menu’ button on the remote control. 2. Select ‘support, ‘software update’ and then, update now. Contact Samsung TV support if you can’t update your TV even after following above-mentioned steps.

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Restart all the devices that are responsible for non-functioning of HBO GO app. There are three devices that are responsible for videos to play in an abnormal way, these are; Samsung TV, modem, and router. 1. Start off with unplugging the Samsung TV. 2. Now, take power out of your modem and router. 3. Wait for a few seconds and then, turn the power back on your modem 4. Now, power up your Samsung TV. 5. It’s time to sign into your HBO GO account and select a video that you wish to play.

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Remove HBO GO and install it again You have to launch Smart Hub and then, highlight HBO GO app option by making use of the navigational keys on the remote. 2. Press ‘tools’ button on the remote and then, select ‘delete’. 3. Search for ‘HBO Go’ app, and once you find it, install the app. 4. After installing the app hit ‘run’. 5. It’s time to activate the app now and complete HBO Go sign in.

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Try a Wired Connection It is always suggested to use a wired connection instead of a wireless one. You can connect your modem directly to the Samsung TV using an Ethernet cable.

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