Get Game-based Learning and Training Solutions from Indusgeeks


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Get Game-based Learning and Training Solutions from Indusgeeks

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Indusgeeks is a company that employs state-of-the-art technologies including virtual reality and augmented reality to transform an organization’s or company’s training content for leadership, sales, and even healthcare into high-quality solutions. Indusgeeks’ exclusive INIT platform guarantees the transformed content functions flawlessly with organization’s or company’s current learning management systems, mobile devices, and desktops. Over the years, the Californian-based firm has been fortunate to work with Fortune 1000 companies, defense organizations, and Governments across the world. The Chief Executive Officer said, “Irrespective of the business need-from onboarding, sales training to safety & compliance, it is becoming evident that for full retention and output, some incentive from the course itself is needed that normal E-learning content and conventional learning techniques can’t offer. One of the best ways to solve this is for companies and organizations to embrace and heavily invest in game-based learning and training solutions that utilize gamification practices and a story-driven approach to generate a solution that employees, in fact, want to play. With game-based training solutions, organizational procedures can be gamified to cater to their requirements-leading to prolific, engaged, and most significantly, content personnel.”

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Gamification of training and development provides a danger-free training environment where the learner can test and revolutionize their choice making with a particular type of simulations being able to display an instant consequence of those conclusions. Soft skills including negotiation and communication can also be accomplished with a specific level of skill via the application of game-based training, with the utilization of dialog engines being able to precisely simulate a real-life conversation for routine leadership circumstances like re-negotiation of vendor contracts or even social HR circumstances such as handling problematic employees. The Chief Executive Officer said, “Apart from offering gamification for corporate training, we also offer serious games for enterprise training. Serious games for enterprise training are more captivating than conventional systems of training due to their capacity to arouse human emotions including fun, anger, excitement, and center on operative domains of learning and engagement. This engagement pulls them back allowing them to master the concealed learning points. Serious games also present information in a manner that unswervingly forces engagement from the user by employing manifold auditory and visual modes concurrently, which exploits diverse learning techniques.”

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Gamification offered by Indusgeeks provides interactive and immersive onboarding solutions to welcome the new employees. A precise onboarding program can result in better employee retention. It boosts their knowledge about the company, its corporate culture, vision, and mission. Concurrently, it assists the recruits to interact and compete with their colleagues. They can acclimatize with the new office using the backing of a virtual assistant directing through this induction procedure. It also saves and time and money spent on conventional onboarding practices.

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About Indusgeeks It is a company based in San Jose, California that has been lengthily working on developing fully personalized game-based business simulations that lets the learners experience indispensable inter-dependencies, advance intellectual skills and implement best practices. Source Url:

Summary: The Chief Executive Officer said, “Apart from offering gamification for corporate training. To know more, read this doc.

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