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SHOWFLIPPER Presents Fine Art Photography – An Overview

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Introduction and Definition - The photography which defines the vision of the artist as a photographer is called “Fine Art Photography”. There are various definitions for this term; but at ShowFlipper Inc., we define Fine Art Photography as “The idea of the vision as visualized by the photographer which extracts the true and hidden meaning of a visual. Often used for wall art décor. 3/7/2018 2

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Criticism and Opposition to Fine Art Photgraphy De Zayas 1913 – “Photography is not art, but can be made into art.” The main reasons for criticism were – Photography was used by painters to help them in painting. It was considered more “Societal Centered” rather than “Human/People Centered”. 3/7/2018 3

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Characteristics of Fine Art Photography Fine Art Photography began with its own set of rules – Manipulation of reality, straight and pure form, and no reference to the subject. Composition gains more importance rather than Context. Pioneer of Fine Art Photography – Alfred Stieglitz. He believed – Photographer is not a recorder but a creator of unseen reality. Higher ideals are manifested in Landscapes as popular theme. Purity of vision to be searched in ideal forms. Art galleries are ideal for fine art photography. Circa to the present, this can be reframed as Online Art Galleries are ideal for fine art photography. 3/7/2018 4

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Characteristics of Fine Art Photography Paul Strand was of the opinion that – “Fine Art Photography is the fullest realization of the potential of the subject through the use of straight photographic methods.” Edward Weston believed – It is an emphasis on form where body transcends into natural shapes. It transcends to spiritual form. Ansel Adams opined – Fine Art Photography concerns with purity and form that makes something ordinary to change into something unique. His landscape photography followed painting conventions with unique intensity. 3/7/2018 5

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Characteristics of Fine Art Photography John Paul Edwards and William van Dyke believed in – The intense scrutiny of the world through a lens; moving away from pictoral or painting styles. Imogen Cunnigham – Once an object is photographed, it transcends everything to become art! 3/7/2018 6

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Art Movement Influences on Photography Expressionist – emphasis on subjective experience of the artist’s inner experiences. Abstract Expressionism – reference from paint forms with focus on transformation of the ordinary. Impact of Color – Color became the new norm while B&W photographers dismissed it as a fad. Contemporary Fine Art Photography – can be a personal point of reference. 3/7/2018 7

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Summary: The photography which defines the vision of the artist as a photographer is called “Fine Art Photography”.

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