How to Update TomTom One XL?


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How to Update TomTom One XL?

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Updating GPS is important especially when you have to travel a lot. TomTom is one such company which keep releasing software updates for the One XL GPS. The user can update it through the TomTom Home program

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These free updates patch the navigation app on GPS. It adds features and improves the tool’s performance. The user can also use TomTom Home software to restore the latest guarantees of map. It ultimately upgrades the map on system for free for next three months of purchase. The user can buy the updates once it expires If you have any trouble in accessing the ‘Home software program’ then you may need technical support. Contact TomTom Support Australia team for assistance.

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How to Update Tomtom ONE XL? On your computer system, access TomTom Home. Link your One XL model through USB. Download Home from the TomTom’s website if you have not installed it already. Tap on Back Up and Restore> Back Up My Device> Back Up Now for creating back up on the tool before proceeding ahead. This will help in securing the data if there is update failure and you have the restart the tool. Click on ‘Done’ once the backup is completed. Follow the below direction for upgrading the navigation tool-

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For checking the updates online, press ‘Update My Device’. The update will appear on the update screen if there is any for the TomTom Application. Tap on ‘Download Updates’ after choosing the upgrade available. Wait till the software downloads and install the new upgrade. Once it is finished, click on ‘Done’. Now, open the ‘Device’ list and select ‘Disconnect Device’. Unplug the One XL tool after quitting from navigation Home.

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Call at TomTom GPS Phone Number Australia 1800-870-079 for any help and assistance.If you are encountering any technical glitch with the tool then reach our technicians and specialists. They will help you through the recovery steps. The team of experts is here to help you round the clock. Source:

Summary: Need Help while updating Tomtom One XL? Not to worry about it just follow the below given process to update Tomtom One XL gps device. If you have any kind of trouble with the above given process then take a look at our blog page for complete process at

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