What are the Signs of Bad Shocks and Struts On Your Car?


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How Important Are Car Struts and Shocks For Your Vehicle? Schedule an Appointment Online Today at www.RumRiverAuto.com Shocks and struts are responsible for much more than providing a smooth ride. They also allow for better safety and control of the vehicle. If you neglect any vehicle suspension issues when they first appear, they can cause other parts to become overworked. This leads to premature wear of suspension components resulting in costly repair bills. “Proudly Serving Award Winning Car Shocks & Struts to all the Vehicle Owners Since 1997”

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What are the Most Common Signs Of Bad Shocks And Struts On Your Car? Many drivers don’t take care of the signs of bad car shocks and struts and they wear down slowly so it can be too difficult to drive smoothly on road and they stranded on road. Be sure to ask your mechanic to know more about these warning signs and how it is important to replace it once you notice any problems. Here are some of the signs of bad car shocks: Cupping of the rubber caused by uneven tread wear so that areas appear hollowed out. This can result in the need of replacing all your tires. Suspension bushings (small rubber or polyurethane components that are used to isolate vibration, provide cushioning, and reduce friction between metal parts on your vehicle), may start to peel, crack, or move off-center. Oil leaking onto other parts of the car. Your ride will be much rougher, and the car's back-end may hit the ground when backing out of your driveway or driving up a ramp in a parking garage Your stopping distance has prolonged, and the front-end of your car does a nose-dive when you use your brakes. Vehicle sways in crosswinds. Bouncing that continues after hitting a bump or pothole. Once you know the signs of bad shocks and strut, you will be able to know it's importance to take your vehicle to an authorized mechanic as soon as you start to notice any issues. Let’s Discuss With Our Car Technicians By Calling on: 763-389-3811

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Summary: have you ever noticed any signs of bad shocks and struts? Ask your auto repair specialist for more advice about car maintenance and schedule an car service appointment today!

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