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Which Different Types of Cable Labels And Markers Are Available - Miracle Electronics With so many different cables being used in a single machinery or application, it becomes difficult to understand and identify the purpose of each one individually. This is why cables are available with different labels and markers, depending upon their usage in different conduits. Miracle Electronics is one of those cable harness manufacturers in India who provides a variety of cable harnesses and cables that can be availed with marks and labels on request. Let us take a look at the various kinds of labels and markers available for cables. Wire Markers Wire markers are tapes wrapped around the cable with the help of adhesive; or plastic expandable rings that clip around the circumference of the cable. These markers feature an identifying mark at like number or color that can help you easily identify a cable immediately. Because reading longer text on a thin cable is difficult, this colour and number identification is much simpler and popular. However, these markers can be used only for single cables, and not for cable bundles. Cable Identification Tags A cable identification tag consists of a tie that loops around cables with a tag on the end that identifies what it is wrapped around. These tags allow for easily readable and highly visible flat

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surfaces to clearly show the ID. There are various types of tags available; for example, those with hook and loop closures, or those with 360 degree rotation. You can either opt for blank tags that you can fill up with whatever label you wish, or pre-printed tags. These cable identification tags are seen everywhere, right from electrical and networking fields, to entertainment systems and home theatres. Heat Shrink Labels Heat shrink labels are sleeves that fit around cables, and then shrink to conform to the size and shape of the cable through heat application, in order to create a snugly fit label around wires and cables. These labels are the best option when you can’t afford labels peeling or slipping off. Special military grad heat shrink labels are also available that are designed for radiation exposure and thermal aging. Therefore, if you are looking or durable and long-lasting labels that can withstand tough environmental conditions, heat shrink labels are the best options. Other than these three basic types of cable markers, there are many other labels available that can be used for cables as well as other associated electrical components. These include – Thermal transfer polyester/polyamide labels, used on printed circuit boards and other electronic components that need to withstand high heat and harsh chemicals. Thermal transfer self-laminating wraps-around vinyl/polyester labels, which have a white printable area to print the required data, and a clear tail that wraps around the cable and overlaps the printed area. This self-laminating property enhances the durability by preventing the information printed from smudging. Laser printed self-laminating polyester labels, coated with permanent, UV-resistant, and pressure sensitive adhesive, which are a kind of low-cost labeling, used for indoor and outdoor usage that may have exposure to oil and water.

Summary: With multiple wires being used in a single application, it is better to keep your cables marked so that they can be easily identified. This blog states the various kinds of cable labels and markers available.

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