Creating consistency in property management training process


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LULU VV L LLDM IN F\L IAI l\JL^ IM.U V L r\" D LU VJ . L U IVI Coldwell Banker India is the Indian arm of world's largest residential Brokerage & Advisory company, Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. REAL ESTATE, PROPERTY MANAGEMENT TRAINING, PROPERTY MANAGEMENT COURSE S, REAL ESTATE DEVELOPMENT TRA ININ (, REAL ESTATE MANAGEMENT COURSE, REAL ESTATE DEVELOPMENT COURSE , COLDWELL BANKER UNIVERSITY CREATING CONSISTENCY IN PROPERTY MANAGEMENT TRAINING PROCESS 8 MARS 2018 Redige par Shrikant et publie depuis Overblog The property management training process is pretty tough when everyone around has their own best way of training. Here is a unique way of training clearly explains and demonstrate who to fulfill any provided task within the organization. Over 30 years people are being trained using the tribal way. However, here is a method to be time-consuming as well as provide a chance for inconsistencies to creep in. we create a complete system around training new employees, so that it’s easier to understand the staff being trained the correct way, i.e. the company way. It is important in property management that the employees are trained properly. The last thing you actually want is accounting person depositing the monthly rent checks in the wrong account or the sales agent providing away the moon, sun and the stars. Actions such as this can lead to the audit from Bureau of Real Estate and none of us really want that.

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Getting started All employees should go through their basic training. The real estate development training on how to use the software of the company, how to answer the questions properly, tests they take, etc. Step 1- create the checklists The checklist provides the clarity and ensures things that are done correctly. Begin with the training process, what is step 1, step 2, etc. we have certainly created a checklist that lays out what is actually expected of a new employee for prime 100 days of employment. It offers everything from completing testing to watching the training videos in the division. Have employee beginning the training that is completed. Having the beginning elements, the excuse of no one ever told. Design a ‘how to’ checklist for individual departments. Begin with significant processes in the department, like ‘how to sign a lease’ or ‘how to complete s deposit’. Include the checkboxes on the checklist while ensuring that employees must acknowledge step in the process. When an employee begins the training checklists, it indicates that they were in fact shown how the process is completed. So, in some time from now, one cannot come back to us and say, no one told or showed me how to do this. Step 2- create hot to training videos We created the prime training video back in 1988. It was a video on how the property inspector should walk an empty or vacant property. Also, the video interviewed numerous contractors showing how to do the basic item in the house. The items like pressing the red reset button on garbage disposal or setting sprinkler timers. The training videos are sophisticated and demonstrate how to do complete process from A to Z, including fieldwork and computer software. The new employees will watch the videos specific to the division continually for prime 5 days of training. This ingrains the process as well as procedures in the brain and again eliminates the ‘no one ever told me’ excuse. You need not worry about the wrong process. Step 3- role-playing Role-playing is the key to a new employee becoming comfortable and knowledgeable in the new position. Provide scripts particular to the division the employee is working in. this basically allows the employee to get a clear idea of how to actually handle the situations and calls as they arise in front. There are numerous scripts ranging from how to screen the leasing calls to property inspector calling the owners for the repair funds, you may name it probably have the script for it. That is not to say that scripts must clearly be followed verbatim they are the foundation for an employee to use as well as come into the own position. Have the manager’s role play with employees, have the present employees work with new employees. Not just sitting across the desk from each other but call in just like a fresh client might call in. and do not always have it all planned out, be instant or spontaneous on playing the role. This will allow the role play to be much more realistic as in real life calls come in when they come in. new calls are never really planned. This teaches the employee how to handle the change in the situation, to go from one desk to another seamlessly. Would it not be nice to have a small break in between the client before talking to next one, but that certainly does not how the life really works? Mostly, it seems that the calls or the new clients just come in back to back and have to roll with the flow to handle the problems and stress that actually come with it. The better you prepare the staff to handle the situations, the better the employee will be able to handle the situations. Step 4- testing Create some tests for the employees in terms of contracts, procedures and company policy and even the scripts. Set minimum testing score that is acceptable to pass. Once such a test is scheduled, the employees will get the confidence to handle various situations, positions, and scenarios. Tests can be done on lease agreements, owner agreements and 100 commonly asked questions and answers within the organization. Also, there can be tests specific to the division they are whether it is accounting, maintenance or leasing. Documents are provided on day one to study. By the 5th day of employment, one can administer 100 most commonly asked questions and answers which can be followed by lease agreement on the 8th day and new owner agreement on the 12th day. Thus, within first two weeks, employment of employees will complete the major test for the organization. Depending on the scores of the employees, they will move on in training process or maybe move on down the road. Testing the employees gives accountability to the process of learning. If you give the lease agreement and ask to read, they, of course, will not read it and commit any information to memory. Hence creating excuse revolving the door, can actually happen when the employees are not trained properly. By equipping the employees with complete and proper information starting on the first day, you create strongly informed employees. Bringing all of it together Also, in addition to the four steps mentioned above, it is recommended coaching and constant training the first 30, 60 or 90 days. During the prime wee of employment, the employees will meet with new employee daily to review training that was actually covered the whole day and answer the questions or the concerns the employee might have. You certainly want to ensure that these are fitting in with the culture and dynamic of the organization. If not, then you might come to the crossroad, as the property management is not for everyone. During weeks 2, 3 & 4, you definitely will meet the employees weekly to answer the questions or the concerns, one might have. Also, you will review testing that has been completed so far. Again, ensure that they are comfortable with a position as well as the culture of the company. Respectively, for next 60 to 90 days, you will get to meet the employee. Touching base on training process, ensuring they feel comfortable with what they are actually learning by over 90 days, most of the employees will have all testing and training and be comfortable in their role. Make sure, there

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will be those out-of-the-box situations that come but for most of the part, they will be able to handle day-to-day items of the position. PARTAGER CET ARTICLE Repost 0 S'inscrire a la newsletter i! Vous aimerez aussi : property management training in coldwell banker india « Article precedent property management training in coldwell banker india COMMENTER CET ARTICLE overblog JL, Nom — Email Site Web Votre commentaire Please upgrade to a supported browser to get a reCAPTCHA challenge. Alternatively if you think you are getting this page in error, please check your internet connection and reload. Why is this happening to me? VALIDER

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Coldwell Banker India is the Indian arm of world's largest residential Brokerage & Advisory company, Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. A PROPOS SUIVEZ-MOI

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Summary: The property administration preparing process is really intense when everybody around has their own most ideal method for preparing. Here is a remarkable method for preparing unmistakably discloses and show who to satisfy any gave assignment inside the association. Click here for the details…

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