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Set Up Amazon Echo

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Amazon Echo makes user’s life very easy just by speaking. But before you can start using your Echo, you need to set it up. Setup is very easy, but there are a few tips that you should know about using echo and setup.

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To start, download Amazon Alexa app for your IPhone or Android device. You'll need to set up the Amazon Echo, control its settings, and add skills. Download Amazon Alexa app for iPhone Download Amazon Alexa app for Android Download Amazon Alexa app for Fire Tablet Download the Amazon Alexa App

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Make sure about Compatibility to access the Alexa app using: Fire OS 3.0 or higher Android 5.0 or higher IOS 9.0 or higher

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When app is installed on your device, you can plug your echo into a power source and some steps to setup Amazon echo: Open Alexa app on your smart phone. Tap on menu icon to open menu Tap Settings -> Tap setup new device Select your echo device that you are used like echo, echo dot, echo plus and echo show. Choose language for your echo and tap continue. Tap to connect to Wi-Fi to join device. If orange light blinks then it is connected and tap continue. Setup Amazon Echo

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On your Smartphone, go to the Wi-Fi settings screen. See network and connect to device. When your Smartphone is connected to the Wi-Fi network, return to the Alexa app and tap continue. Select the Wi-Fi network to connect the echo. If the Wi-Fi network has a password, enter it, and then tap Connect. Your echo is ready to start. Tap Continue.

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I hope, you will set up Amazon echo easily by giving previous steps. if not , then contact Amazon Echo Alexa support on toll-free number US/Canada (1-888-299-7571) & UK(44-20-80775546) and get targeted solutions. Here ‘s expert always available to help users in any way & at any time . For more information Visit here –

Summary: Get the right solutions for your echo devices issues. Amazon echo experts always available to listen user's problems and guide them with targeted solution ns. Above presentation will help you to setup Amazon echo device 1st and 2nd generation. But if you find it difficult to setup Amazon echo, download Alexa app and any other issues then contact Amazon echo support toll-free number US/Canada (1-888-299-7571) & UK (44-20-80775546).

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