Best Gift Ideas for Women's Day 2018


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Best Gift Ideas for Women's Day 2018

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Celebrate International Women’s day 2018 by motivating and uplifting one another and helping break the glass ceiling.

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Surprise Getaway Trip  To make the woman in your life feel special, plan an impromptu vacation or trip with her and surprise her to make her feel special 

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Gift that will be Cherished  Why not gift her something that will be cherished for a long time altogether like a Handmade Rug? It could be modern or traditional design pattern rug and will be highly durable 

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Dinner Date Take her out to her favorite restaurant and make her feel on cloud nine.

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For more information, please visit : Women's day should be celebrated every single day and women must support one another which is what Rugs and Beyond believes in doing. 

Summary: Women's Day shouldn't be celebrated on one particular day but should earnestly be acknowledged every single day. Rugs and Beyond empowers local weavers and women artisans and believes in uplifting other women.

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