How to Protect The Social Security and Other Sensitive Information


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How to Keep Your Personal Information Secure? Protect Your Social Security And Other Sensitive Information

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Be Alert to Impersonators Know about the organization or a person to whom you are sharing your personal info. Don’t give the information or any other personal data on the phone, or spammy emails or links.

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Safely Dispose of Personal Information Completely wipe your personal computer after you dispose it, clear all the information it stores in hard drive. Use software to wipe it completely. Same is the case with mobile devices, delete the old store data permanently. Also run a wipe application for whipping up data from mobile.

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Encrypt Your Data Before dealing online, secure your browser. To safeguard the payments and all other transactions that you deal online, use encryption software that scrambles data you share over the internet. Use trusted gateway when you deal online.

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Keep Passwords Private Make your password pattern hard to understand for other. Use alphanumerical and special symbol in password. Incorporate capital words also. Don’t use same password for all accounts. For example, “if you want to see the Pacific Ocean” could become 1@W2#CtP%o.

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Use Security Software In order to secure your machine and mobile device, use anti-virus and other software to stop malware and protect from unwanted activities. Update these softwares often to strong your security shield.

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Avoid Phishing Emails Opening up a link or email from someone you don’t know could cause you to expose your machine to a virus or spyware that can store the password or other data you type. Therefore do not open a link, email or download a program sent by unknown person.

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Be Wise About Wi-Fi Before connecting with a wireless network in a public area, make sure that the information you are sharing over the machine on a public wireless network are protected or not. Only the secure wireless network can protect the information you send on that network.

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Read Privacy Policies Go through the entire privacy policy of the medium/source that you are using, let you know how they deal with personal information they collected, how they use these data? know whether they provide info to third parties.

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