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Seed Bead Jewelry SHOWFLIPPER Presents

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History of Jewelry Talk about ancient body adornments, one can say that tattoos are the oldest. But what about jewelry? It is ancient too! Ancient Jewelry was created using stone, bones, animal teeth, shell and wood. Later metals such as bronze, iron, gold and silver were used. Then came modern materials like precious stones, pearls and plastic. 3/8/2018 2 Company Presentation

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Jewelry and its uses – From Ancient to Modern As a status symbol and currency – It was used to display wealth and used as currency for rare commodities in the ancient world. As a sign of protection – Jewelry was incorporated in charmed amulets and magical wards. As a symbol – Jewelry was often used in medieval times as a sign of association to groups, and cults. 3/8/2018 3 Company Presentation

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Jewelry and its uses – From Ancient to Modern As a specific function – Jewelry has been used as clasps, pins and buckles and brooches to go along with clothes and fashion trends. As an art and artistic display – Innate quality of jewelry is that it is artistic. Jewelry since the later half of the 19th century has been specifically used as an art or physical quality enhancer. 3/8/2018 4 Company Presentation

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Broad Types of Jewelry High end Jewelry – This type of jewelry is made from precious metals and gems such as – Gold Silver Platinum Pearls Diamonds Other precious stones 3/8/2018 5 Company Presentation

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Broad Types of Jewelry Artistic Jewelry – Creativity and Designs are higher valued than the material used to create them. Jewelry on Dresses – Less costly and mass produced from less valued materials. 3/8/2018 6 Company Presentation

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Seed Bead – What is it? And Where is it used? What is seed bead? Smallest type of beads used to create stunning jewelry art. Embroidery – They are woven or sewn into the fabric. 3/8/2018 7 Company Presentation

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Materials and Tools used to make this type of Jewelry Thread – Nylon wires braided into threads. Crimp Beads – Made from soft metal and crimped by a wire to hold place. Crimp Pliers – Used to attach crimp beads. 3/8/2018 8 Company Presentation

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Materials and Tools used to make this type of Jewelry Needles – Beading needles are bendable and thin Decorative Beads – Used for decoration purposes. Findings – Small hardware pieces to create stunning jewelry art. 3/8/2018 9 Company Presentation

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Method of attaching crimp bead Using the plier crimp the bead around the wire. Fold the bead onto itself in a lock 3/8/2018 10 Company Presentation

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Basic Techniques of Beading Daisy Chain Technique Ladder Stitch Technique 3/8/2018 11 Company Presentation

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Connect With Us! If you are a jewelry artist or jewelry designer, ShowFlipper Inc. brings to you a unique opportunity to sell your jewelry online! Join us today and enjoy multiple benefits! If you are a jewelry buyer, we have original and genuine jewelry for you. Buy Now! 3/8/2018 12 Company Presentation

Summary: Seed bead a generic term for any small bead. ShowFlipper an online platform for designers, artist, writers and an artist management company

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