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Private Tutor Tutor, as we all know, is a teacher. He is a personal trainer, who acts as a report card, recovery card, and a perfect improvement report. A teacher is the only person who knows more than about you; thus, a mother is a first teacher and she also knows more about you than you. Everyone has to face problems with different types of subject, to solve those there is one person who always stands by your side and guides you correctly. He is the only one who keeps your motivation high even when you are down. He keeps you up and motivates you to do, what you really wants to do This is how a tutor or a teacher or a private tutor helps you in achieving your goal. There are, and there were people

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who got success without teacher; but they also in their interview had accepted the presence of a most supportive and an always-ready-to-help personality. They accepted that without them they could have achieved nothing, and maybe they would be nothing. Tutor is a teacher; and, personal makes the sense more precise and more clarified. Normally, a teacher has to focus on more than one student when he teaches his students. Thus, private tutor is a person who teaches and guides only one student and remain fully focused on him/her. This is how the student gets a fully-focused teacher to get them developed for their work. There are two situation when one needs to heir a personal trainer or a personal tutor: first, when you need to face a competition and has reached to above-best and; second, when you are a beginner. A teacher, when target a beginner, remains focused on his minor growths. He completely remains focused on how to develop the small skills of the beginner. The tutor knows, a

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beginner cannot grow and there is a lot time when he has would growth to better and best; thus, he keep training him with rules. The rules, for beginner, are like competition for competitor. If beginners did not focused on the rules then the further growth of the student is not possible and is really tough for him to do. A teacher, when target a competitor, focuses on his hard training. As a competitor, has to face competition and before facing competition it is important for him to complete a hard training. No matter, how hard a competitor trains himself for the whole year; he has to train himself harder than usual during the last couple of weeks. How would a competitor know, his own potential; and how could he claim his hard work and training as lesser than what is necessary? To say and to the same thing a competitor heirs a personal tutor; he has only one work and that is to train a competitor more and more. The tutor has to face different types of students and has to face different types of problem while training them. To be successful he has to make his students successful. Heytutor

Summary: Why parents hire tutor for our child and how helpful is tutor for students and colleges.

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