Venture Solar’s new Venture — Nassau County


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SUNPOWER ADVANTAGE Venture Solar’s new Venture — Nassau County

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SunPower Nassau County SunPower by Venture Solar is ready to take over Nassau County. Our company has grown exponentially in the 2 years since its foundation, owing to the hard work of the amazing team we’ve built and the booming solar industry in New York City. Last month, we completed our 1000th solar installation, which was a major milestone for our company. And now, we’re excited to share that we’re expanding to Nassau County.

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Venturing into Nassau County Alex Yackery and Alex Giles co-founded SunPower by Venture Solar after working in the solar industry in New York City for a few years. In 2015, they started out by themselves, in a 75 sq ft office, and built the company from the ground up, to get to where we are now—the #1 solar installer in New York City. We now have over a 110 employees and a thousand happy customers. Encouraged by our success in the five boroughs of New York City, we’re now expanding our service footprint to include Nassau County. And we’re very excited for this opportunity to serve even more people, and help them in going solar.

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Brave the Elements Solar is a great product, it pretty much sells itself—it’s good for the environment, offers big savings on electric bills and thousands in tax credits. Our job is to deliver it to customers in a way that makes it a pleasurable experience for them. In this video, our Co-Founder, Alex Yackery, thanks our team for all the hard work and our customers for putting their faith in us to deliver a high quality product with a high quality service. And we look forward to start serving Nassau County starting January 2018.

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Maximum Output from Maxeon Technology® SunPower® has developed new solar panels with their very own Maxeon Technology®. This technology has revolutionized the design and functionality of their solar panels; they capture more light, because there are no wires covering the cells. The copper-backed design of the cells then go to work, producing the ultimate output. This technology is combined with highly durable polymer glass, to provide a product that is not only more efficient, but also more attractive than other conventional panels.

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Peace of Mind SunPower is 100% committed to innovative solar solutions. They are a publicly traded company backed by Total, the 11th largest company in the world, so you know that SunPower is here for the long haul. With over 7 million panels installed worldwide and an industry leading 25 year bumper-to-bumper warranty, it’s no wonder SunPower panels are the most popular choice in the United States. More Power More Savings SunPower’s Maxeon cell technology is the highest efficiency solar panel available, which means we can generate more power and save you more money. In fact, a SunPower system will produce 75% more power than a conventional solar energy system over its life. More power today, more power for ife.

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Energy with Longevity SunPower® creates products that are designed to last. In fact, SunPower® solar panels have a life expectancy of up to 40 years. On top of that, they are backed with a 25-year-warranty, so your solar panels are always protected. We know, it’s pretty impressive. You can monitor your system 24/7 and we also offer around the clock services. Our company stands apart because of the fact that we do all of our work in-house. So while many solar installers in the area outsource parts of the jobs to other contractors, we do everything ourselves and are able to ensure that everything is done right. We deliver a world class product to customers, with world class service, making sure each customer has a great experience with us. This is why we have become the one-stop-shop for anyone who wants to go solar in New York City.

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Summary: SunPower by Venture Solar is a premiere solar installation company based in Brooklyn, NY. In the 2 years since its foundation, Venture has installed over a thousand solar systems in New York City, and is now expanding its service footprint to include Nassau County.

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