Plitvice Lakes by Karlo


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sthomas (7 years ago)

Stunning picture and presentation. We went there in October and was delighted with the incredible beauty. We also got chance to see autumn colors on lakes and the waterfalls. we spent entire day in the park exploring the beautiful places and taking pictures. worth's a visit.

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Plitvice Lakes National park

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The only natural heritage in Croatia included in the List of World Heritage (UNESCO) is the 1979th was among the first in the world.

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National Park since 1949th.

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Related is 16 biger and smallest lakes.

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The length of the Plitvice Lakes is 8.2 km. Altitude of the park is 900 m.

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The highest waterfall is 76 m high.

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The beginnings of tourism date back 150 years ago.

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The park is extremely rich in flora and fauna.

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