How to use Tibetan prayer beads


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HOW TO USE Tibetan Prayer Beads 1 2 3 4 5 6 Choose a mantra and a quiet place to sit. Close your eyes and sit up tall. Slow your breath. Hold your prayer beads in your right hand, between the middle finger and the thumb. Say your mantra while lightly touching the prayer bead with your fingertips. Pull the beads towards you to the next bead on the strand and chant another mantra. After chanting 108 mantras either stop or reverse and do another round. Use one set of prayer beads for each mantra. Store prayer beads in a clean, dry space. Use a mala bag or mala box if you have one. You can purchase Tibetan prayer beads at Use your Tibetan prayer beads every day to achieve inner peace and mental focus. CHANTING TIPS

Summary: The ultimate goal of every Tibetan Buddhist is to attain Buddhahood or nirvana: the perpetual and highest state of bliss, which ends samsara, the constant cycle of birth, death, and rebirth. Chanting and meditating using Tibetan prayer beads, or Tibetan malas, is one of the primary routes to attaining liberation. Mala bead meditation has been practiced for centuries in Tibet, China, Japan, Sri Lanka, Korea and Burma. Check out this beautiful infographic on how to use Tibetan prayer beads! For details visit:

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