5 Do’s and Don’ts for Scaffolding Work Safety


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Most of the accidents that occur while working on scaffolding are avoidable. Those who get more comfortable with the scaffolds are the ones that are most upset when they get hurt. The right training and constant awareness are necessary to guarantee scaffold safety. Which You Need To Avoid And These Include The Following The Falling Of Debris And Tools The Collapse Of Scaffolding Falling From Heights Overloading Electrocution Through Overhead Lines THERE ARE DIFFERENT TYPES OF RISKS :

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1. INSPECT SCAFFOLDING Do’s Ensure a professionally qualified person inspects the base work on which the scaffold is grounded and properly matches the structure. If you desire to work with complete peace of mind, then make sure that the individual does the required checks of the ground around the structure and confirms that all nuts and bolts are regularly tightened. Don’t Never ever, make the mistake of assuming the foundation is safe all the time. Scaffolds can deteriorate due to heavy work. More Information About Scaffolding Safety

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2. OVERHEAD LINES Do’s Adhere to all safety guidelines pertaining to power lines. Just in a matter of seconds, electrocutions occur, that’s why national safety guidelines per taining to overhead power lines must be strictly followed. Don’t Without consulting the required authorities, don’t ever move the structure, and never overlook the safety protocol (the set of rules) for these specific jobs.

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3. OVERLOADING Do’s Always respect a scaffold’s load-bearing capacity. The scaffolding structure requires being adequately strong to handle a particular maximum amount. Don’t Refrain from overloading a scaffold or placing anything on it, as this will add to the loaded requisite.

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4. FALL SAFEGUARD Do’s When you are on the scaffolding, you must wear a complete body harness or fall arrest system. These are intended to keep you secure from slips and falls. So make use of them, they are kept there for a reason. Don’t Never assume going up one-storey isn’t a great deal and that you won’t require a harness or body system.

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5. PROTECTION FOR HEAD & FOOT Do’s Working on scaffolding means that somewhere along the line somebody might bang something from a higher floor. So always, wear the right hard hat (safety hat) at all times and be safe. The hat should only be removed when you are offsite, in an office or car. Don’t Never hurriedly climb up a scaffold to take something back, which you forgot. You won’t know when something could fall from above, or you could have a slip on a wet patch. Certainly, it’s not worth to take the risk.

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Summary: Know what you should take in consideration while working at height. Scaffolding Do's & Don'ts guide can prevent you from scaffolding accidents.

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