Treatment for Low Back Pain


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The treatment for low back pain varies depending on the patient and the cause of the back pain. There are homemade remedies, medicinal remedies and in very rare cases surgery. The low back pain should not prevent you from exercising or doing your daily activities for fear of feeling pain. When one exercises they are helping in maintaining the health of the ligaments, muscles, joints and spinal discs.

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The effectiveness of the treatment being administered depends on the patient’s diagnosis. For some patients, one mode of treatment might work effectively while another patient might require a combination of two or more types of treatment in order for the pain to be reduced or eliminated.

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There are some treatment procedures that can be performed at home in order to effectively eliminate low back pain. Homemade remedies are ideal for acute or mild back pains mostly but can also be used in severe back pains to relieve or minimize the pain for a short while. Self-Care for Low Back Pain

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The method of administering the treatment can be changed or alternated based on the individual's preference or needs since they are the ones administering it on themselves.

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The most common treatment is taking a break. Keeping off or avoiding all activities that are strenuous for a while. The break should only last a couple of days then resume some of the routine activities since being inactive or taking a bed rest makes the healing process much tougher as compared to when an individual is active.

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Avoid all activities that might cause a strain on your back or put you in a position that causes pain to the back. The routine activities should be modified in a way that makes it less strenuous on your back. For instance, the duration of time spent sitting and standing should be balanced to ensure the back doesn’t suffer from too much time spent sitting or standing.

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The heat therapy can be from taking a hot bath or placing a bottle of hot water or electric padding on the lower back to ease the tension on the muscles in addition to improving the blood flow. Heat/ice therapy

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Chemicals and adhesive heat wraps can also be used in place of the hot water bottle. When the blood flow is increased results in oxygen and nutrients being brought to the muscles which help them in healing and remaining healthy.

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If the cause of the low back pain is inflammation then a cold or ice packs can be placed on the ailing part to minimize the level of swelling. The hot and cold packs should never be placed directly to the skin but rather placed after being covered with a piece of cloth to protect the skin from damage.

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When applied before indulging in an activity the heat therapy will help in relaxing the muscles which will, in turn, facilitate more mobility and flexibility. When the ice pack is placed on the ailing part after completing an activity it helps in minimizing the chances of the area getting irritated or swollen from the exercise. Benefits of Heat Therapy for Lower Back Pain

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