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We are the best towing service in Ottawa. We know how difficult it is to get a reliable Ottawa towing service in dire circumstances and we aim to change that. We provide the best towing services for those in Ottawa and its surrounding areas. We have several trucks including flatbeds that can access any area in the city and help you out. Where you are stuck does not matter. We can reach anywhere. We can tow your vehicle out of a ditch, help you out of a locked car, remove your vehicle from a crash scene, and help with any other situation. Car troubles come when you least expect them, and they can be highly problematic. They disrupt your daily activities and prevent you from meeting deadlines. They also cause a lot of anxiety, pain and concern. They are also associated with financial responsibilities as you will spend money on fixing your car and other things. Then there is the problem of arranging new transportation and finding a car service that you can trust.

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We understand that you need to find a fast, reliable towing company that can tow your car and help you with your car troubles. We help with tire changes, car door problems, short and long-distance towing amidst other services. We are the premium Ottawa towing service. We have built a name for ourselves, and several people have come to trust and rely on us. We offer you affordable prices, experienced and reliable technicians, fast towing and a comprehensive range of services that make us the go-to towing Ottawa company. We know that there are other towing companies to choose from, but we stand out from the others. No matter what car trouble you are experiencing, you can give us a call, and our tow truck driver and reliable team members will meet up with you ASAP. We understand the need for fast, efficient and reliable Ottawa towing service and that is just what we provide.

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Towing service We provide the following towing services: Repair of Flat Tire Driving has its hazards. Your tires are exposed to nails, broken glass, sharp objects and other harmful debris. These can puncture holes in your tires and cause you to have a flat tire. You might even have a hidden, slow leak. Flat tires are dangerous, and you can’t drive with them. Cars do come with spare tires, but not everyone has the knowledge needed to change them. Not everyone has the strength to change tires. Also, there are cases where you are using a spare tire, and something happens to another tire. Our team is readily available to help you repair and change your tires in any circumstances. You can give us a call any time of the day, and we’ll come to your aid. We can help you change your tires, repair flat spots in your tire, and replace your tires. All-round the clock Ottawa towing service Our Ottawa towing service is available 24/7. So, you can call us any time of the day, any day of the week. We are readily available to help you out with your needs. We are firm believers in putting our customers first, and we’ll do all we can to get your vehicle up and running regardless of the time. We understand that car troubles could happen in the middle of a storm, or on a dark wintry night when there is no one around to help you out. In those times, it is difficult to reach your mechanic, your friends, and your family members. You can reach out to us in those times and trust us to help you out. We will gladly help you out no matter the time, weather or day of the week it is. Our team will reach out to you quickly and attend to your needs. We also offer other services. You can check our website to see more of our services. Canadian Towing 1601 Michael St #B Ottawa, ON K1B 3T5 613-519-0312

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