Block Armour - Blockchain powered Cybersecurity for Critical Systems


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CYBERSECURITY RE-ENGINEERED USING BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY Block Armour is a next-gen enterprise Cybersecurity solution that leverages Blockchain Technology to secure critical enterprise systems and IoT communication. Using private permissioned Blockchain and TLS technology, Block Armour delivers an enhanced Software Defined Perimeter rendering critical systems / cloud servers invisible; thereby making it near impossible for hackers to discover and attack, while providing a secure communication channel for legitimate users. The platform also harnesses Blockchain based digital signatures to identify, authenticate and authorize devices to secure IoT communications. PHISHING RESISTANT AUTHENTICATION INVISIBLE & LOCKED-DOWN CRITICAL SYSTEMS ZERO TRUST MODEL IMMUTABLE AND TAMPER-PROOF LOGS

Summary: Block Armour, a next-gen enterprise solution for cybersecurity; powered by SDP & Blockchain Technology

Tags: blockchain zero trust cybersecurity sdp - software defined perimeter iot cloud critical infra