"Star Trek" Speculative Video Game Adaptation Pitch


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-Go back and visit levels a la Lego Star Wars. - There will be new mini-quests and puzzles that can only be done with certain party members. -Or bonus members.

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Star Trek XI Video Game Adaptation Pitch By Tally Knoll tallycola@gmail.com

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Star Trek XI: The Game The 2009 Star Trek movie was fun, exciting and a fitting reboot of a beloved franchise. The Star Trek XI video game puts the fisticuffs and adventure of the movie into the player's hands! Star Trek XI: The Game is a group RPG incorporating puzzles, hand to hand combat, phaser combat and space battles. The majority of Star Trek games, including the official tie-in to the 2009 film, are ship battle games. The MMORPG Star Trek Online features original characters. It has been a long time since Captain Kirk has been featured as a playable character in a game.

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Who Are You? You're a bar-brawling farm hick with daddy issues attending the illustrious Starfleet Academy. You're about to be expelled from the Academy for your roguish ways when Romulans attack the Federation!

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Gameplay The game would be a group RPG, with third party camera angles. You start with Kirk and Bones, and then add members to your party, each of which bring different skills and attributes you will need to finish missions. Your decisions affect your reputation – charm and diplomacy – and this will affect how other characters interact with your party.

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The Academy The training level takes place at Starfleet Academy. Here you will learn hand to hand combat, phaser combat, starship battles, and be introduced to some of the puzzles in the game.

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Kobayashi Maru When you are ready to leave the academy, and have passed your exams in various forms of combat, take the Kobayashi Maru test puzzle.

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Kobayashi Maru There are several ways to “cheat” on the test and solve it. The different solutions will affect your starting attributes and your reputation, especially when it comes to Spock. You can take the test as often as you like until you are ready to progress. Then the game cuts to a scene of your disciplinary hearing, which is cut short when the Romulans start attacking and the cadets are assembled to respond.

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Who Is the Villain? Nero is the captain of a Romulan mining ship, and commander of a large fleet. He's out for revenge after the destruction of his home planet in his timeline. He's planning to destroy all Federation planets, targeting them one by one.

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James T Kirk The leader of the party, and the first playable character. Adept in hand to hand combat and phaser battles.

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Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy Your companion from the very beginning. The healer – keeps Kirk alive and healthy. Collect new items to add to medical kit which will be necessary later.

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Lt. Nyota Uhura You need to convince Uhura to join your party in order to pass the Kobayashi Maru and leave the Academy. Only one who can communicate with certain aliens – mini games IE Klingon language puzzle.

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First Act Turning Point After you pass the Kobayashi Maru, the Romulans start attacking planets. All the cadets are mobilized. You become a Lieutenant under Captain Christopher Pike, and collect more members of your party on the Enterprise. Now it's time to complete Away Missions and save various planets from Romulan attacks.

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Away Missions Different tasks must be completed on different planets in order to gain the trust of the natives and/or defeat the Romulans there. The player goes through original and classic Star Trek planets, working up to Vulcan. You can choose which missions to take at any time, and as you progress you unlock more missions! Some missions also involve space battles with Klingon Warbirds and the Orion Syndicate (space pirates!). As you start missions, you gain new party members.

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Example Away Missions A cosmopolitan planet is engaged in civil war. Negotiate and use your skills to bring peace, take sides and use espionage, or forcefully take over the whole planet. A primitive planet is beset by dragons. Go undercover and defeat the dragons, or trick the natives into believing you are gods and command them. A colony is suffering from famine and disease, but refuse your help. Find a way to destroy the disease, or forcibly relocate the colony.

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Lt. Hikaru Sulu The ship's pilot. You need him to engage in space battles. He is also proficient in sword fighting, a new skill necessary for some missions.

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Ensign Pavel Chekov The ship's navigator – unlocked at the same time as Sulu. He has the highest math and science proficiencies so far, which is great for puzzles on missions. But he's also easy for aliens to kidnap, complicating your mission.

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The Battle of Vulcan (Second Act Turning Point) After you've defeated the Romulans at the other planets, they'll go for Vulcan. Here the game story rejoins the movie story again, in the melee on the drill, the skydive, and a cut scene of the destruction of Vulcan.

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Progressive Complications Captain Pike is captured by the Romulans, and Spock becomes acting Captain – banishing Kirk and breaking the party. With the Romulans headed for Earth, you are banished alone on an ice planet.

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Completing the Party After defeating the ice monster and some puzzles, you'll meet Old Spock. Who will lead you to Scotty.

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Commander Scott “Scotty” The ship's engineer. Minigame puzzle: work with Old Spock to develop transwarp-teleportation, which will be needed in the final showdown. With Scotty on board, the Enterprise gains a lot of speed and firepower.

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Commander Spock You have to unlock Spock at this point to continue the storyline. Spock comes with a lot of new abilities that are necessary for the final showdown, but also requires you to learn new gameplay.

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Free Play Now that all the main characters are unlocked, you can go back and visit other levels at will. New features of these levels may now be unlocked. Depending on how successful your missions have been, some bonus characters will be unlocked, letting them explore even more of the previous levels.

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Bonus Characters -Nurse Chapel -Yeoman Rand -Ensign Gaila -Old Spock -Nero

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Example Bonus Levels Nazi Planet Gangster Planet Mirror Universe

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Final Showdown A massive space battle to save the Earth. Then as Kirk and Spock, you engage Nero in a final phaser battle to rescue Captain Pike. If you win, you fulfill your destiny and become Captain.

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A Note On These Avatars The avatars used in this presentation were made by Livejournal user Nectarousness for her Sims game.

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A Note On These Avatars There are whole online communities of fans making their own Star Trek XI role playing games. This shows there is a real market for an RPG based on these characters.

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The End! Thanks!

Summary: This is a speculative pitch for a video game adapted from the 2009 movie "Star Trek". It illustrates my understanding of narrative design, how to apply three-act film structure to a video game story, and the importance of character and progressive complications.