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Call: 7871012233 Address:Haritha Building Old no: 67a / New no: 18 Janakpuri 1st street Velachery,Chennai,Tamilnadu 600042. Tableau Training In Chennai

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Tableau Training In Chennai About Tableau Training in Chennai Tableau Training covers all the concepts in the course with in depth, in detailed and with real-time examples. The training sessions are conducted by the well qualified real-time expert in the respective field of IT Industry. Tableau Course Duration 30 Days

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Tableau Training In Chennai Introduction to Data Ware housing •   What is Database evaluation? • Database Evaluation types. •   What is Data where Housing? •   Data where Housing Characteristics. •   Data where Housing Architecture. •   Difference between OLTP And OLAP . •   What is Dimension table? •   When to use Dimension? •   Types of Dimension Tables. •   What is Fact table and types? •   When to use Fact table? •   Types of Fact tables. •   What is Star schema and snowflake schema?

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Tableau Training In Chennai Business Intelligence •   What is Business Intelligence? •   What is Visual Intelligence? Tableau Introduction • Why Tableau? • History of Tableau. • Characteristics of Tableau. • Tableau versions. • Differences between versions of Tableau. • What is Vizql? • Use of Vizql in Tableau. • Tableau Architecture and components.

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Tableau Training in Chennai Tableau Components •   What is Tableau Desktop? •   What is Tableau Server? •   What is Tableau Reader? •   What is Tableau Online? •   What is Tableau Public? Tableau Extensions • Types of Extensions. • When to use Tableau Extensions? • Differences between .Twb and .Twbx extensions.

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Tableau Training In Chennai View Sections •   What is Dashboard? •   When to use Dashboard? •   Ways to use Dashboard? •   What is work book? •   When to use Workbook? • What is work sheet? • When to use worksheets? • What is stories their usage? • Ways to use Workbook, Dashboard, Worksheet, Stories?

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Tableau Training In Chennai Dash Board Components •   Horizontal Component •   Vertical Component •   Image Component •   Text Component •   Blank Component

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Tableau Training In Chennai Data Connection in Tableau Interface • Types of Data Connections in Tableau • Connect to Live Data connection. • Connect to Extract Data connection in Tableau • Creation of Extract file in Tableau

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Tableau Training In Chennai Data Joins in Tableau •   What is Join? •   Types of Joins. •   When to use Joining? •   Rules to perform the Joins in tableau. •   What is Custom SQL? •   Custom SQL Enabled Custom SQL. •   Writing. •   Data Refresh.

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Tableau Training In Chennai Data Blending in Tableau •   What is Data Blending? •   Types of Data Blending. •   When to use Data Blending? •   Rules to perform the Joins in Tableau. • Join vs. Data Blending.

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Tableau Training In Chennai Graphs/Charts/Bars •   Line Graphs •   Single Line graphs •   Dual Line Graphs •   Blended Axis •   Difference between Dual axis and Blended axis •   Horizontal Bar Charts • Vertical Bar charts • Side-Side by bar charts • Stacked Bar charts • Pie Charts • Gantt Charts

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Tableau Training In Chennai Maps • What is Tree Maps? • Heat Maps. • Tree map implementation. • Filed Maps. • What is Geo-Coding and implementation? • Importing External Custom Geo coding. • Symbol Maps.

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Tableau Training In Chennai Filters and Types • What is Filters • Filters on Dimensions • What is Wild Card • Filters on Measures • Context Filters • Global Filters • Quick Filters • Defining Filters at Source • Defining Filters at Custom SQL

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Tableau Training In Chennai Creating and Using Parameters •   What is Parameter •   Creating Parameter •   Exploring Parameter Controls •   Work with the parameter •   Click interaction working with parameter. •   Parameters and use with real time examples •   Dynamically Show and Hide Sheets with Parameter

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Tableau Training In Chennai Groups & Sets •   What is Group •   When to use Group •   Editing Existing Group •   Limitation of groups •   What is Set •   When to Use Sets •   Types of Sets

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Tableau Training In Chennai Calculated Fields •   What is Tableau Calculation? •   When to use INDEX (),RANK (),LAST(),FIRST() Functions? •   RUNNING_SUM Calculations. •   WINDOW_SUM Calculations. •   String Calculations. •   Boolean Calculations •   DATE Calculations.

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Tableau Training In Chennai Trend Analysis •   What is Trend Analysis •   Logarithmic Model •   Exponential Model •   Linear Model •   Polynomial Model Fore Casting and Reference Lines • What is Fore Casting and implementation • What is Reference Line • Lines • Bands • Distributions • Box Plot

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Tableau Training In Chennai Annotations •   Mark Annotation •   Point Annotation •   Area Annotation Aggregation and Disaggregation • What is Aggregation • When to use Aggregation • What is Disaggregation • When to use Disaggregation.

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Tableau Training In Chennai Page Shelf or Automated Maps •   What is Page Shelf? •   When to use Page Shelf? •   Page Shelf Customized Controls. Drop Lines • What is Drop Lines? • When to use Drop Lines? • What is summary Card? • When to Use summary Card in Tableau?

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Tableau Training In Chennai Actions in Tableau •   What is Actions & When to use Actions •   Types of Actions in tableau •   How to Trigger the Action Hierarchy in Tableau • What is a Hierarchy? • Relation between Drill downs, Roll ups and Hierarchies. • What are Automatic Hierarchies? • How to create Custom Hierarchy in Tableau? • Removing Hierarchy

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Tableau Training In Chennai Tableau Advanced Charts –  User defined Charts (IMP) •   Water Fall charts • Donut charts •   Funel Charts •   Lollipops charts •   Whisker plots. •   Scatter plot Case Study • Resume Preparation • Mock Interviews • Advanced Tableau 10 New Features. • Reporting Migration Process and Check list in Real-Time.

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We look forward to having you as a part of Team For Online Training Call: +91-7871012233 .

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