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Analytics for Affiliates A4uexpo, London 2010 Tom Critchlow

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Information Overload

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Pinpoint Actions

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Measure Cash

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Async Code FTW Faster overall page load time. Improved collection for short visits to rich media or script-heavy pages. Collecting (and retaining) user clicks that occur before the tracking code loads

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Old Code Costs $$$$$

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Diagnosing Setup Issues Check for referrers from your own domain

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Group Goals By Action <a href="" onClick="javascript: pageTracker._trackPageview('/socialmedia/twitter'); ">

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Campaign Tracking

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Advanced Setup

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Custom Variables NOTE: Because the variables are sent in the __utm.gif request, they must be set before _trackPageview() or before an event is fired on a page.

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Custom Variables

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Visitor Level Custom Variables You would likely set this custom variable as a one-time function, since the value would persist across the life of the visitor cookie. Membership level Previous Customer

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Session Level Custom Variables Use session-level custom variables to distinguish different visitor experiences across sessions. For example, if your website offer users the ability to login, you can use a custom variable scoped to the session level for user login status

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Page Level Custom Variables Use page-level custom variables to define a collection of page-level activities by your users. For example, you might have sections such as Life & Style, Opinion, and Business. You could set a custom variable to track all your articles by section

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Tracking # of Reviews _gaq.push(['_setCustomVar',       1,                   // This custom var is set to slot #1.       ‘Number of Reviews',       // The top level name for the variable       ‘1',   // The Number of Reviews       3                     // Page level variable    ]);

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Rank Checking

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Track Load Time

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Hack the code Basic steps Include external .js file Add call to js function Start pulling out data

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4 new Custom Variables 64 characters total Including variable names l = original landing page s = original landing page query string r = original referrer q = original search query

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=SUBSTITUTE(SUBSTITUTE(SUBSTITUTE(SUBSTITUTE(SUBSTITUTE(SUBSTITUTE(SUBSTITUTE(SUBSTITUTE(SUBSTITUTE(SUBSTITUTE(A1,"%2F","/"), "%2C", ","), "%3F", "?"), "%3A", ":"), "%40", "@"), "%26", "&"), "%3D", "="), "%2B", "+"), "%24", "$"), "%23", "#")

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Show Me The Money

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Track Form Drop Offs With Jquery

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Funnels Are Important Setup funnels correctly Monitor them regularly Look for biggest gaps Monitor where people go

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Segment Your Funnels

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A/B Testing Adsense

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Ecommerce Tracking

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Full Ecommerce Suite

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Insights & Analysis

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Weighted Sort is Awesome Pro Tip – Works with conversion rate too!

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Segments Are Awesome

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Set up suite of segments Keep the numbers small and manageable. Report on each segment separately. Look for insights Examples: Social media traffic (reddit|stumble|twitter|facebook) Partners (partner1|partner2) Organic Email Etc

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“Small Multiple”

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Regex is Awesome Number of spaces: ^([^ ]+ ){5,50}[^ ]+$ Number of folders: ^/([^/]+/){1}[^/]*$

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You Can Paste Regex Into GA

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Monitor 404 Pages

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For Affiliates

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Custom variables (e.g. For author of post) Ecommerce integration Event tracking for downloads/outbound clicks

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Mailchimp Integration

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Worried About Traffic?

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Diagnosing Traffic Drops Check traffic sources Check uptime Check rankings Check server logs for errors Check errors in Google Webmaster Tools Check specific section/page drops (segment!) Browse as Googlebot Check robots.txt Check rel canonical Check meta robots

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London based part time SEO geek, part time ninja with a healthy interest in poker, chess and music.