How to Add Google Analytics to Your WordPress Websites


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Add Google Analytics to Your WordPress Website Google Analytics is one the most important tool to track the visitors of your website and their location, It analyze the traffic and user flow of your website, It also helps to measure your real time traffic and measuring campaigns you are running. Google Analytics is totally free tool that can be used for any size of website, small or large, Once it is installed, It will show you the details of your visitors who visited your website and how did they behave, how long they stayed, what action they performed, how many pages 1 visitor or multiple visitors visited. It will show you Page views, time spent on page, bounce rate, traffic source, location etc.

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Add Google Analytics To WordPress Create Your Gmail Account

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Register Your Gmail Account On Google Analytics Once the Gmail account has been created, register your email on Google analytics by visiting It will ask you to accept the privacy and terms.

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Now go back to the Google analytics home page and click Sign in. Enter your Gmail ID and Password Click Continue Now Click Sign Up Button You will be invited to enter your website details Remember, you need to select Website on the top on the page

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Put Your Website Details

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Once you have done with analytic information Click on accept button and proceed for the next You will have this screen.

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For More Information You Can Check The Source Original Source: How to Add Google Analytics WordPress to Your Website.

Summary: A detailed guide about adding Google Analytics tracking tool to your WordPress website for visitors tracking and flow monitoring.

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