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P E R S O N A L F I N A N C E T I P S Basic Finance Care Prepared by Jaames Paul

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YOUR GUIDE TO HOME OWNERSHIP D I S C U S S I O N O U T L I N E Overview Keep Saving Again & Again Be Cautious While Taking Any Credit Stop Living from One Paycheck to Another Chalk Out a Smart Financial Plan Prioritize All Your Credit Card Payments Personal Finance Facts Everyone Must Know Contact Details

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OVERVIEW P E R S O N A L F I N A N C E T I P S & F A C T S Managing money or personal finance could be a really challenging affair because many people have a tough time to keep their personal finance in perfect order. fi c Managing personal finance is bad but it is worse to discuss personal financial matters. It is always a clever idea to know vital personal finance facts as these important facts could be propelling you in the correct direction on the road to a stress-free and stable financial existence. Here are some effective personal nance tips that would assist you in managing your finan es in a much better way.

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Many people close to their retirement realize that they do not have adequate retirement income or investment for maintaining their present lifestyle. This implies that the current lifestyle is bound to change dramatically at the time of retirement. It may necessitate shifting to a relatively smaller accommodation. K E E P S A V I N G A G A I N & A G A I N

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BE CAUTIOUS WHILE TAKING ANY CREDIT Credit cards must be treated as a tool and definitely not a crutch. You must consider credit as an effective tool. For example, suppose you are having a credit card, you could consider spending something on it before paying it off at once. This could be effective in boosting and creating a much higher credit score that could assist you in getting much-improved interest rates on car loans and mortgage payments.

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STOP LIVING FROM ONE PAYCHECK TO ANOTHER When you get into the habit of living paycheck to paycheck, you fail to have any savings account to support you in times of any financial crisis. You may need some time to get out of the habit of leading such a precarious lifestyle but you must try your best to come out of this vicious paycheck-to-paycheck cycle.

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CHALK OUT A SMART FINANCIAL PLAN It is of great importance to chalk out a financial plan. This implies, creating a smart monthly budget, opening a savings account, keeping track of your debts, and include everything so that you could lead a smooth life without any financial issues. Create an effective financial plan that would help you fulfill all your financial goals and aspirations.

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P R I O R I T I Z E A L L Y O U R C R E D I T C A R D P A Y M E N T S If you end up carrying quite a few balances across multiple credit cards, it is a good idea to prioritize your payments. Your debts could be repaid much faster if you prioritize your payments. Keep paying the minimum amount on all cards

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Know your precise APR on your cards. Learn about your insurance deductibles. You must know where your life insurance policies and pensions are. You must know precisely the amount you are actually saving for your retirement. Learn about all the factors that impact your overall credit score. Learn the perfect way of reading your credit report. P E R S O N A L F I N A N C E F A C T S E V E R Y O N E M U S T K N O W

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