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There is no doubt that the import is escalating in our country and at the same time, it is clubbed with loads of paperwork with regard to the clearance. Searching for the right Import clearing agent will take a lot of time, thus get in touch with our team at Saieximindia right now and enjoy exclusive benefits. We know each and every protocol, pre-requisites, rules etc. involved in the overall process for sea or air. You just have to contact our team at and make the bookings; that is it. Our Import Clearing Agent team will come into the picture and will carry on with the e-paper work, tracking, and so on. Along with this, if you are need of legal help or have any queries related to the imports of your shipment, then we are available for assistance. Further, we will also offer you with warehousing facilities and door to door delivery if needed. Import Clearing Agent

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Yearning for a steadfast and affordable Import clearing agent then Saieximindia is at your service. We have the most excellent Import Clearing Agent team and facilities to meet all your demands with regard to the importing shipments of any size . Choose us without giving any second thought as we guarantee you of the expert team who will perform all the documentation and paperwork on your behalf without any blemish. Along with this, we will keep you clued-up where your shipment has reached. We are chosen as leading 3 Party-logics service providers in Delhi We take care of e-paper work through Electronic Data Interchange, EDI We clear your import queries legally, and complete documentation work on time. Our agents always follow up with government agencies to make a swift move Import Clearing Agent

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  Thankyou For More Information Visit our Website at : You can also Call Us At:9810116475 Or Mail Us At

Summary: When the cargo arrives at the port it is the duty of the importer to file a bill of entry in the Indian Customs Electronic Data Interchange System (ICEDIS). The bill includes duties or tariffs to be paid self-assessed by the importer. Then the duties are paid and the bill of entry is secured. On behalf of the importer, the clearing agent does all these activities.

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