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Big Budget Linkbuilding Will Critchlow London ProSEO 2010

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Rand was thrilled to win in Seattle [Image: askmen.com]

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Slides auto-advance This might be a little crazy

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In particular, slides are likely to advance at the wrong t

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Father Ted: Now concentrate this time, Dougal. These are very small; those are far away... Far away Small

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Eyeballs Exceptional “Encouragement”

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Spend money on exceptional

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"Hollyoaks is one of the longest running dramas on television. Formally considered a soap opera, this British program focuses on teens and their families. The show began airing in 1995 with one episode per week, but that soon increased as a following began to grow. Often compared to Eastenders, another British soap, Hollyoaks is set in a fictional suburb and follows the lives of a teens and young twenty-somethings that attend Hollyoaks Community College. As the fan base has grown over the years, so has the cast. The 1995 season maintained a cast of seven main characters, while today the show boasts nearly fifty. During its tenure on the small screen, Hollyoaks tackled controversial subject matter. The cast has been seen struggling though teen pregnancies, coping with mental illnesses, and fighting drug addictions to name a few. The program has been criticized for such topics, namely the portrayal of alcohol consumption by teens. Nonetheless, the content has earned the show numerous prestigious awards, particularly in the last decade. Hollyoaks is broadcast in numerous countries including Sweden, Canada, and South Africa. It can be seen each weeknight in the UK on Channel 4 with an omnibus, or marathon re-broadcast airing the following Sunday morning."

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Via @issaco

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About 107,000 results (0.23 seconds)

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Spend money on eyeballs

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Facebook. Seriously.

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Spend money on “encouragement”

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CAUTION: these experiments were carried out by trained professionals. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME

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Can we do better than that?

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OK, probably not just for the links

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Duke Nukem Forever is to launch in 2011 It was announced on April 28th 1997

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Jochen Siegle/TechShowNetwork

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Assets > Expenses

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Remember. Not just for the links

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Do stuff that gets you ££ and links

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Eyeballs Exceptional “Encouragement” Move off an axis

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Use eyeballs you already have e.g. email lists

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Consider better content too

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Will Critchlow