Carn Brea Leisure Centre Power Point


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Outdoor Sports Outdoor Activities

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Home Page Welcome to Carn Brea Leisure Centre – At The Heart Of A Healthy Community! Our aim is to make Cornwall a much more active and resourceful place to be. Enjoy all of our activities with Instructors and Life Guards in every room! There are lessons for each and every activity here for all ages! We also hold Competitions and make teams for Tournaments beyond the Leisure Centre for prizes. So scan around and find out which Sport is for you! Home Page

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Pool Pool

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Kid’s Activities Kid’s Activities Trampolining is a lovely Sport that kids can find amazing! When you’re trampolining, even the smallest thing counts as a massive achievement for them. AND – it’s enjoyable for 2 different age groups! 5-15 and 16+! The Kid’s Activities is a place of joy and wonder, as we introduce the littlies to Sport. There’s a Pool Inflatable, Trampolining and a Soccer School! Find out which is hot to trot for your child / children. Or, get involved yourself!

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Indoor Sports Indoor Activities

Summary: This is my Power Point Presentation about Carn Brea Leisure Centre. It's not the best... in fact it's not even good, but I'm going to keep editing it until it's perfect. Enjoy... if you can! :P

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