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What’s The Best Internet Marketing Game Plan for Your Company? Before going over game plans we need to answer a question…

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Why choose a marketing consultant like myself over a typical search marketing firm?

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Here’s what happens with most search firms or prepackaged website solutions

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You get covered in a blizzard of techno-babble

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Usually all the technobabble is saying: “We do keyword research and offer website analytics”

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After all, web analytics is the province of technical geeks. Right?

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Not any more! Now the best web analytics tool is FREE And available to all…..

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It’s Called Google Analytics.

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And the best website testing tool is also free…. Google’s Website Optimizer.

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And what about all the SEO mumbo jumbo voodoo?

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The fact is, SEO comes down to 4 Simple Things: 1. Well-constructed meta-tags 2. Optimized copy on each page 3. Fresh keyword targeted content 4. Getting one-way backlinks through posting, articles, press releases, web 2.0, and other sources

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Search firms talk about web conversion stats But statistics never converted anyone Conversion is 90% about copy             

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So if copywriting is so critical to search marketing success, doesn’t it make sense to count on someone with topnotch copywriting experience?

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Introducing Leon Altman A Marketing Consultant who combines 25+ years of experience as a creative director and copywriter along with Internet marketing marketing knowhow

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I’ll write copy for you that brings in leads and converts them to sales. Like this example. . .

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"Leon's very first copywriting assignment with us beat our long-standing control piece by 444% right out the gate. "      Beat control by 444% Lee Campbell, Director of Products & Marketing       Business Financial Publishing      Growth Report, Rising Star Stocks, Top Stock Insights

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And this example. . .

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“Leon rewrote some key pages and an online press release, and my website visitors and signups increased virtually 100% overnight. Simone Mitjans Pure Women’s Health Signups increased 100% Overnight.

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One more. . .

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Increased subscribers for multiple online newsletters. “With Leon’s copywriting and creative guidance we consistently beat previous response rates for each of the online newsletters he worked on.” Masoom Khan Chief Web Designer, As chief creative consultant for, I helped them attract more subscribers to their various paid newsletters.

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I’ll Create Big Buzz About Your Company With Powerful PR. Like I did for this client . . .

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A front page feature story in the top Restaurant Trade Magazine for my client. Tony Garzio President, Belacoso Communications Agency for El Torito and Los Angles Angels Baseball “Leon’s online PR campaign got us a front page interview in the top restaurant trade journal”

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I’ll get people spreading the word about your company with social marketing, such as. . .

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Attracting people to your website by participating in groups on social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn.

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And leveraging Web 2.0 properties like Squidoo pages that engage people.

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I'll Direct a Targeted Crowd of Prospects to Your Site with Google Adwords And add my Adwords Secret Sauce ( By handpicking websites to place your Adwords ads on, I’ll bring in even more prospects)

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I have a track record of producing record-breaking results for marketers Recently featured on, which showcased my techniques and methodology .

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My Campaigns Have Earned the Loyalty of My Clients “I’ve worked with Leon since the early 1990’s. He’s not just an Internet marketing consultant. He’s an all around effective brand builder and creative resource. To top it off, Leon Altman is best story teller in the biz.” Mike Kirner Marketing Director, DTI Technologies

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But like a Good NFL Football Team, a Company Needs A Good Online Game Plan to Succeed.

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I’ve Developed Powerful and Affordable Internet Marketing Game Plans Some examples…

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Pay Per Click+ Basic SEO Set up pay per click campaigns in Google, Yahoo and MSN + test campaigns and monitor and revise on a continuing basis +Optimize existing web pages for search engines Set up: $1295 Monthly: $400

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PR + Premium SEO Write new keyword-targeted case studies for website + Social bookmark case studies + Write an online and offline Press Release for each case study Setup: $0 Monthly $1,100

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Social Networking Set up pages and groups for Facebook and Linkedin (ongoing participation, coaching) + Set up wordpress blog(plus ongoing blog coaching) +new squidoo page every month Set up: $400 Monthly: $800

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Premium SEO + Blog SEO for existing pages + 5 new SEO targeted articles per month + bookmark each article after posting +setup wordpress blog (and ongoing blog coaching) setup $500 month $400

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Programs can be modified to fit your needs And they all include. . .

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Tracking, Testing and Measurement

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Let’s talk about your Internet Marketing Game Plan Leon Altman 212 734-9224 Call for a no-obligation assessment and proposal

Summary: Find out the best internet marketing game plan for your company.

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