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Putting in Practice: What does it really mean? Canada Research Chair (II) in Aquatic Ecosystem Health School of Environmental Studies & Department of Biology Queen’s University Dr. Linda Campbell Slideboom deck: All photographs by LM Campbell unless otherwise credited.

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From the University of Western Ontario PIIP 2010 website: “Outstanding research spanning all disciplines is being produced, turned into academic papers and publications, but not necessarily making the leap from the shelves of labs and pages of texts to the world outside of academia.”

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“50% research, 50% communication” Quote from Dr. Murir’s keynote PIIP talk this morning

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Credit: Ree Brennin Water & fish: important to people everywhere. Credit: Dennis Tweedle Why am I giving this talk?

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What do I do? Credit: Roxanne Razavi

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Linear road to successful research? Ask a question (or be given a question) Design approaches to answer the question Write up your results Publish Get a job

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Reality: not-so-linear

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Where are they now? Lib (MSc) – High School science teacher Eden (MSc) – Manager, Environmental Services, Canadian Blood Services Cynthia (BSc) – U Hawaii MSc Liz (MSc) – Yale U Technologist Katie (BSc) – U Victoria Environmental Law Shannon (MSc) – Transport Canada Environmental Risk Assessment Credit: AEHL members

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What is innovation? Where does it come from? Exploration & willingness to consider risk. Ability to balance specialized ideas and broad thinking across specialties / fields. Read, think, discuss, share, network broadly.

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Productivity gaps & Innovation   Our world is changing fast: "the greater complexity, unpredictability and pace of our world, and our rising demands on the human-made and natural systems around us …” - Thomas Homer-Dixon (The Ingenuity Gap, 2001). Your work IS important! Building up social and technical ingenuity (e.g. innovation) is important to all of us. Loss of ingenuity often leads to gaps in production & skills.

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Basic v.s., applied research?

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In the lab or the field, analyse samples or model data…. Credit: AEHL members Analyze data. Present. Publish. Then what?

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What you put in it is what you get out of it. Your degree can just be a piece of paper – what you do during and with your degree determines its ultimate worth.

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Academic ivory towers? Academic ivory towers / silos – generally a myth those days. Need to seek opportunities beyond and within. Academic careers are great for the right kind of person. But are not for everyone. Many opportunities to collaborate with industries, non-profits and government. Assess your skills and explore how to use and build upon those. Start your own business / volunteer work.

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Teaching & Research synergy We talk about applying our research to the outside world. However, we have to be open about bringing the outside world to our research / teaching as well!

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The future needs specialists who can generalize. Trans- , inter-, and multi-disciplinary approaches.

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Go and find your opportunities Ask questions and listen! Then act on what you learned using your skills.

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Crossing lines?

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Ideas are cheap

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It can be HARD work to develop & implement ideas

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It can get lonely

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But with careful handling…

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And networking… You’ll succeed.

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Research & the world can be competitive

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Fear of failure?

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But keep your focus…

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Do not despair. There is always a way.

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What goes around goes around. Attitude, hard work, collaboration and sharing credit: all essential attributes Credit: John Poulopoulos

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It will work out in the end…

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Always remember what is important. Credit: Niki Wilson

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Thank you. Credit: Roxanne Razavi

Summary: UWO PIIP conference http://grad.uwo.ca/PIIP.htm (November 2010). Grad school, research and applying it in the real world.

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