Unit I: Prehistoric Asia


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Eastern Civilizations Unit I: Prehistoric Asia

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Human Origins in Asia Homo erectus Beijing Man Java Man Homo neanderthalis Homo floresiensis Homo sapiens Regional Physical Differences

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The Paleolithic Age Old Stone Age One Million to 25,000 B.C.E. Hunting and Gathering Fire Shelter Clothing Stone Tools End of Ice Age Adaptation to Environmental Change Cave Art

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The Neolithic Revolution Agriculture Animal Domestication Wheel Metallurgy Cradles of Civilization Agricultural Surplus Growth of Cities Specialization of Labor Social Stratification

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The Development of Agriculture in South Asia Mehrgarh, 7000 B.C.E. Influence from Western Asia Barley Wheat Pulses (lentils) Cotton Goats Sheep Zebu Cattle Colonization of Alluvial Plain

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The Development of Agriculture in Southeast Asia Hoabinhian Culture, 8000 B.C.E Rice Taro Bananas Coconuts Water Buffalo Pigs Chickens Migrations

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The Development of Agriculture in East Asia Banpo Village Yangshao Culture Longshan Culture Millet Soybeans Silkworms Rice Moves North Isolation

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Prehistoric Korea and Japan Altaic Language Family Spread of Agriculture from China Colder Climate Rice The Ainu Jomon Culture Yayoi Culture

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