Lesson Plan for S Novym Godom


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SSBI Lesson Plan A.     Background: 1.      Language: Russian   2.      Proficiency Level: Advanced   3.      Age Range: Adult   4.      Type of Class: Translation (Russian to English)   5.  Framework 3

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Language Objectives                      i.      Differentiate between Perfective and Imperfective in past and future tenses – change of state, completion, product – and translate accordingly                         ii.      Identify the typical format of the “ceremonial genre” of holiday speech                         iii.      Predict and account for tense usage in such a speech

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Strategic Objectives                                                                i.      Use previous exposure to such speeches in English to predict topics                                                                ii.      Use those predictions to predict tense usage                                                               iii.      Use the predictions to refine tense into tense AND aspect predictions

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Materials Needed 1.      Backup mp3 of speech in case Internet connection doesn’t work     2.      Backup text of speech in case Internet connection doesn’t work   3.  Backup video of speech in case (yes) Internet connection doesn't work

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Sequence of Activities 1.      Presentation: We will discuss the genre and they’ll make predictions.   2.      Practical: listen to and read the speech   3.      Presentation: translate the cores of the clauses in the first sentence    4.      This will cycle back to Practical where they will finish translating cores of clauses.   5.      Self-Evaluating: A group discussion on how they chose the translations they did, and what strategies they used.

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с новым годом! Verbs in Speeches

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Verbs in Speeches This is a New Year's speech given by Vladimir Putin on Dec 31, 2007, broadcast on HTB. It's 2 minutes, 40 seconds long. Before listening to the speech, consider the genre.  What sort of things are usually included in such addresses by political leaders?  What time frames do they consider?  What issues do they typically raise?   Where would you expect to find the past tense used - at the beginning or end? The future? The present tense?

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Listening Новогоднее обращение к гражданам России Listen to the speech. The first time, listen for content.  Then, listen again or watch (next slide), making note of whether the verbs you hear are in the past, the present, or the future tense. Did his use of tenses match your predictions?

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Watching If you wish, you may watch the broadcast, making note of whether the verbs you hear are in the past, the present, or the future tense. Did his use of tenses  match your predictions?    

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Reading Although this speech was meant to be heard, the text of it was published by the Kremlin.  Text of Putin's Dec 31 2007 New Year's Speech Open the document and verify the tenses of the verbs - and look at the aspect as well.  Note in which paragraphs the three tenses are found.

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Aspect and Tense: Past Perfective Past всё, что мы вместе сделали (1)   Всё, что достигнуто (2)   Мы не только восстановили территориальную целостность России (3) Imperfective Past Всё, что достигнуто, – было бы просто невозможно (2)   Мы … вновь почувствовали себя единым народом (3)   все эти годы мы вместе работали (3)

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Aspect and Tense: Future Perfective future   он приведёт нас к успеху (5) всё сложится (6)   Пожелаем друг другу новых успехов (7) поднимем бокалы (7)   Пусть все самые заветные мечты сбудутся (8) Imperfective future мы будем жить лучше (6)   дети наши будут счастливы (6)   старшие будут здоровы и благополучны (6)   и тогда страна наша будет крепнуть и процветать (6)

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Present tense: ongoing Сегодня мне хочется сказать вам особые слова и, провожая уходящий год, сердечно поблагодарить вас – para 1   Мы видим, как год от года набирает силу и укрепляется Россия, как растёт наша экономика и открываются новые возможности для людей. – para 4   за тех, кого ценим и бережём больше всего на свете, кому отдаём наше тепло и с кем хотим быть рядом. – para 7

Summary: Presentation (including lesson plan & objectives) for working on verb tense & aspect in Russian, using Putin's 2008 New Year's speech as the text. Includes links to audio and video, as well as text.

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