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Millions of average hard working Americans who generate 12.4 cents for every dollar they earn have kept their end of the bargain, by over paying their SS taxes by billions annually. Asking them to sacrifice again by increasing the SS retirement age or having their Social Security benefits cut, is wrong, wrong, wrong <$106,800 12.4 % $1,000,000 1.32 % $10,000,000 .013 % SUBSIDIZE TAX RATES PAY FOR WARS DISTORT THE BUDGET $ 2.54 ASSET 2.54 DEBT $5 TRILLION PLUS NET LOSS THE 1983 SOCIAL SECURITY REFORM AGREEMENT SAVED FOR THE NOW RETIRING 78 MILLION BABY BOOMERS THE ACT PLAN $ 442 $ 516 $ 580 $14,369 $14,575 3.30 % 3.59 % 4.00% ALL PAY THE SAME BASE LINE ASSESSMENT (BLA) TRILLION $13,399 2006 2008 2010 BILLION 4.00% 12.4 % 8.4 % - THE PLUMBER THE PRESIDENT THE CEO THE SOCIAL SECURITY FUNDING OBLIGATION 57.12 % 00.00 % 97.14 % YR. 1 YR 15 YR 35 $1,000 $1,000 $1,000 NEW SS RETIREE OBLIGATIONS ARE PHASED OUT AT THE RATE OF 2.857% FOR EVERY YEAR AWAY FROM FULL RETIREMENT $971.43 $571.43 $00.00 COUNTY CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT STATE CREATES ORIGINAL DISTRICT FOUND BACCOUNTABILITY OBARDS (ODF) ODF boards are populated with residents of the community, and mirror the profile of the community where they are located 2.54 Trillion dollars of special obli-gation bonds used as a insurance securing ICIRAs . As ICIRAs grow, the special obligation bond liability decreases WWW.SOCIALSECURITYSOLUTION.ORG J O I N U S T O D A Y It's time for the other party to this 1983 Social Security reform agreement to “MAN UP” and begin making an investment in average working Americans again, those folks whose back we all ride to our prosperity. S O Bs It’s Time To “MAN UP” Copyright AmeriCareToday 2009 GDP $2.54 TRILLION DOLLAR INSURANCE SAFETY NET

Summary: it's time for the other party to the 1983 social security solution to "man up" and live up to their end of the bargain. Millions of working Americans have kept their end of the deal by over paying their Social Security taxes for the past 27 years - Now it's there turn to "MAN UP"

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