Web 2.0 Tools for 21st Century Teaching & Learning


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Web 2.0 Tech Tools for 21st Century Teaching & Learning Northeast Connect Conference 2008 It’s not the information, it’s the collaboration. Mary Zedeck, Instructional Designer Seton Hall University mary.zedeck@shu.edu

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Today’s Presentation What is Web 2.0? Examples of Web 2.0 tools http://mzweb20.comfypage.com/ Applications for teaching & learning discussion

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Web 2.0 Term coined by O’Reilly Media in 2003 Term became popular in 2004 Michael Wesch’s Popular Video The Machine is Us/ing Us

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Web 2.0 The web itself has not changed The way in which software developers design applications for the web has changed and The way people use the web as a platform has changed

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Web 2.0 Users own and control the data Climate of participation Users add value as their needs evolve User friendly interface Social networking Lifestreaming

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Web 2.0 Web 1.0 ~ the web is a repository for… Information Web 2.0 ~ the web is a platform for… participation and collaboration

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Tools for Today SlideBoom ComfyPage (http://mzweb20.comfypage.com/) Roxer Scribblar UserNameCheck Text2MindMap myWebspiration Vuvox VisualCV

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Contact Information Questions? Mary Zedeck 973-275-2930 mary.zedeck@shu.edu

Summary: Presentation at Northeast Connect 2008

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